Review: No Guts, No Girl

3 stars

Read from 12 April 2021 to 5 March 2022.


Multi-phobic Linus has never been big on courage. It’s why he loves his job in the library. No noise, no shouting, no stress. The only flaw: no chance he’ll ever catch the attention of his dream woman, art student and book lover Melba from Italy.

But what could possibly go wrong if he only pretends to be a hero? An awful lot. He could…
– attract the attention of the Mafia
– be framed for a crime he didn’t commit
– amass mortal enemies

And yet, what if she only pretends to be a good girl?

Can Linus find the courage to sort out the mess he’s in, unmask the real culprit, and get his happily-ever-after? Or will someone close the book on romance and him for good?

If you enjoy a perfect mix of humor, romance, and mystery, and if you like to see an underdog succeed, you will love this unique cozy romantic comedy mystery.

Bookish Things: 253 pages. The cover is simple and sticks to the genre specific trends.

Where to buy: Amazon on kindle for $4.17 or on KU.

My Review:

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No Guts, No Girl is listed as a mystery romance with a twist of comedy. While all those genres are in there in parts, I felt that the overall tone of the book was juvenille. Given Tessa writes other childrens books, that doesn’t surprise me.

The pacing of the book was also a little off, considering it’s a tad over 250 pages, it should have been a relatively quick read, but the pacing lagged severely in the middle and I ended up skimming scenes as I couldn’t suspend disbelief at the situations Linus found himself. They started to blend together and generally felt very unbelievable.

The romance aspects shone through, though it did start off as a bit of Insta-love which irritated me. Melba was a fun character at times and often a useful distraction from the overwhelming trouble Linus and his cast of supporting characters get into.

I did not find this funny in the slightest, so the hilarity that is promised in the book blurb missed the mark with me. That being said, it might be the perfect mix of genres for you. It’s quite light, so if you want to give it a try it’s available on KU as I probably wouldn’t part with $4 for it.

This version of the story requires a thorough edit. I stopped listing them at 34%:

8% – …school principal’s calve (calf) muscle…
9% – how is someone stabbed fifteen and a half times? You can’t half stab someone.
– …and I had to (do) this fast.
14% – …and she falls for himinstead? (space needed)
24% – maulers (I think you mean molars)
33% – can landlords dictate if you can have a friend over to stay?! Not here…
34% – …like (I’d been) sat on by a pregnant…

**Note: I was provided an electronic copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review**

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