Review: Time Lapse

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Proofread and light edit in October 2015

Synopsis: A despicable crime carried out twenty years ago by a teenage gang. The proceeds of a heist hidden away. Chris Crosby was involved and could have intervened but he didn’t. So he is just as guilty. But where to hide? How about the most obvious place. He is a surveillance expert investigating organized crime in Merseyside – in particular the activities of an outfit led by Alison Mason who has had to take control when her partner was drowned in a botched drug smuggling operation. Chris is also a rock climber with ambitions to solo the hardest and most dangerous climb in the area, ‘Time Lapse’. Talk about not attracting attention to yourself. But the ghosts from his past have been awakened. Can Chris avoid exposure? Can he shop the gangsters? Can he climb – and survive – the route?

Bookish Things: 244 pages. The cover is striking and very apt.

Where to buy: Amazon on kindle for $2.91 or paperback for $9.43 Continue reading

Review: Guild of Immortal Women


3 stars

Read from September 23 to 29, 2015


“When one is immortal, one should keep a low profile.”

A new comedic romp through a magical tapestry maintained by Earth’s Immortal women.

Bookish Things: 199 pages. The cover is lovely, though it does make me think this will be a high fantasy and it’s not really.

Where to buy: Amazon on kindle for $3.06 or paperback for $15.95

My Review: 

The guild of immortal women reads like the first book in a series or trilogy.

I liked a lot of the characters, Abbey, Matt, Ruth and Boo were some of my favorites.

Robert and The Doctor were interesting characters too, not that I can say I liked them. But they kept me guessing.

The book was not what I’d expected, and that’s probably a good thing, because I think the cover lends itself to a very traditional fantasy story, where as this story has loads of modern ties, magical ties and even a small sprinkle of humour.

The humour wasn’t as pronounced as the book synopsis makes out, a fair number of the jokes were in poor taste or repeated too frequently to be funny after the first time.

I got distracted by the paragraph breaks and lack of paragraph breaks littered throughout the book. Minor things really, but they do make it harder for the reader to enjoy the story.

The ending felt like it was purposely left open for another book, but there’s nothing forecast on Goodreads about another book. It just leaves too much unsaid and unfinished as far as I’m concerned.

**Note: I was provided an electronic copy of this book in return for an honest review.**

Review: Brief Encounter by Tony Talbot


3 stars

Read on September 23, 2015

Synopsis: When a man misses the last train of the night, he meets a strange woman with a strange tale for him…

Bookish Things: 9 pages. This needs a nice cover.

Where to buy: Amazon on kindle for $0.75

My Review: 

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Typical Tony, he delivers a wicked little tale, but it’s just a snippet.

The Grace Kelly look alike in this story is an interesting character. At first I thought she’d be a witch (with all that cackling!) but it turns out that was kinda wrong…

You don’t get a great deal of information about the protagonist, but that’s ok in this story because even though he’s the protagonist, it’s not really him that’s important.

Again, I’d love to see this one drawn out into something longer, just so Tony could drag me kicking and screaming through that creepy night time station with Grace and her fetid mop bucket.

Review: The Monster’s Growl


3 stars

Read on September 23, 2015

Synopsis: The stakes of the game in the small-town bar are higher than Carly and her friends realize when a mysterious biker puts his quarter on their pool table.

This 1100-word paranormal tale is a free ‘short-short’ story from the “Monsters in the Machines” collection by Roh Morgon. An excerpt from her novel “Watcher: Book I of The Chosen” is included.

Bookish Things: 5 pages. The cover is very apt and rather nice.

Where to buy: Free on Smashwords or from Amazon on kindle for $0.74.

My Review: 

This little tale is set in a little backwater town, possibly somewhere in the American wilderness.

The story progresses quickly, extremely so, but it works for the type of story this is.

The twist ending wasn’t as surprising as some of the other reviewers may lead you to believe, possibly with the recent influx of TV shows depicting beautiful monsters…

I enjoyed this, but would love to know what happens where the story cuts off. Tease!

Review: The Sorcerer’s Dragon


2 stars

Read on September 23, 2015

Synopsis: A battle between a sorcerer and a dragon.

Bookish Things: 3 pages. The cover is not really relevant to the story and looks like it was made by the author.

Where to buy: Amazon on kindle for $0.93

My Review: 

The Sorcerer’s Dragon is a short snippet of a story. One scene really.

You don’t know any information about who the sorcerer is or the dragon, or why they are battling. It leaves it open for the reader to fill in, but that in and of itself is problematic. It invites the reader to fill in gaps with information that may not fit with the story. It doesn’t give the reader enough to go on to develop informed content, that sits plausibly within the story. There’s just not enough to go on.

Readers are not given much location information, time, background information or even names of the characters. I decided that the dragon’s name was Fluffy and the sorcerer’s name was Bill. It made for a little bit of amusement while reading…

The writing is passable, but it contains a lot of easily fixable issues that fall into the basics of good writing – including lots of adverbs and reuse of the same words very close to each other in the writing.

Ultimately, this reads like a first draft and really needs some editing before publishing a copy should be even thought about. Good thing it was free on Amazon. I’d recommend it for those who want to have editing practice.

Review: The Girl in the Snow


3 stars

Read on September 22, 2015

Synopsis: Short story about the harshness of surviving in a dying world.

Bookish Things: 6 pages. This could do with a distinct cover.

Where to buy: Amazon on kindle for $0.76

My Review: 

Like most of Tony’s short stories, this one captures a single concept and gently prods it. This one could very easily be turned into a bigger story. Who were these people? How did the world end up as it is depicted in the story? Who was the girl?

It raises a lot of unanswered questions. Questions I’d like to see Tony try to answer in a longer piece. :)