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Read from January 04 to 23, 2016 — I own a copy

Synopsis: After the notorious outlaws Amaranthe and Sicarius helped overthrow the corrupt faction controlling the empire and brought in a great war hero to lead the nation to prosperity, they finally earned their pardons–and some time off. A tropical vacation cruising around in a private submarine? Perfect. But their trip is interrupted by a summons from the new president: they’re needed back at home. Trouble unlike anything they’ve ever dealt with threatens to destroy the capital city and throw the fledgling republic into chaos.

The follow-up to The Emperor’s Edge series, Republic takes place a few months after the events of Forged in Blood I & II. It is a complete 210,000-word novel. Continue reading



3 stars

Read from April 24 to 26, 2014

Synopsis: When Tara Blankenship’s writing assignment takes her to an “eco village” on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula, she anticipates a quiet couple of weeks in a quaint setting. (She’s far too mature to use the word boring, thank you very much.) What she stumbles into is anything but quiet and quaint.

Someone has been slaughtering livestock to scare the villagers, mysterious intruders are searching the property at night, and Tara finds a grisly welcome-warning on the porch of her guest cottage. To top it off, the surly neighbor nearly runs her off the road on her first day. Why are the handsome ones always such jerks?

Malcolm Ashcroft is the last person a sane woman would want to deal with, but he may be the only one with the key to solving the mystery—and giving Tara the story of her career. Of course… he might also be the man behind all the trouble.

Bookish things: 181 pages – the cover displays one of the key locations of the story. It’s rather serene and light. This does make it seem more like a fluffy romance, not a sleuthing mystery with a little romance.

Where to buy: Amazon on kindle for $2.81

My review:

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Wounded is a short, reasonably sweet romance with strong mystery ties. It’s also the first of Lindsay’s books outside of her usual fantasy/steampunk-esque genre that I’ve read.

The sleuthing protagonist, Tara, reminded me a bit of Lindsay’s most awesome character, Amaranthe (from The Emperor’s Edge series), but outside of that, the similarities were few.

The ‘wounded’ love interest was quite nice to look at (or read about) and fit the bill for the story quite nicely, but I was expecting some of Lindsay’s usual quirkiness. This wasn’t apparent. I did enjoy the rather intriguing job history though. Lindsay taught me a few things in this book.

The dialogue was Lindsay’s usual witty banter-like style, which is always a pleasure to read. I enjoyed the barely veiled flirting and sexual innuendos that were sprinkled into the story.

The mystery/thriller story was a bit strange. It worked, but it didn’t sit right. I also felt it was quite rushed at the end.

I didn’t really see why the book is called Wounded, it doesn’t seem to fit the story in my mind. I thought something suitably geekish in the mushroom field could have worked better, especially if it were to be used as a bit of a joke in the story.

The editing in my version was a little less polished than Lindsay’s usual books, but the typos didn’t really subtract from the story.

Lindsay Buroker’s secret weapon against the big six!

I thought since I’ve been a bit slack in writing actual blog posts, I’d share with you a feature, profile article I wrote for one of my writing classes last year. I interviewed Lindsay and Alex via email and came up with this article. My teacher prompted me to pitch it to a couple of magazines, but it didn’t seem to quite sit with their readership, so here it is for you all to have a read.

If you’ve never heard of Lindsay (welcome to my blog), if you have, here’s some interesting information I picked up from my interview with her and please, please check out Alex’s fantastic art. The link is below. Continue reading

Forged in Blood ~ The Emperor’s Edge Series book #6



5 shining stars for Lindsay’s latest!

I have been hanging out for this book since the second I finished Lindsay’s last installment of The Emperor’s Edge series (see my review), now to tease us rabid fans more, she’s gone and cut the last book – and the subplot of Sicarius’ past and more exploration into his character – into two books (perhaps she’s been watching all these new movies coming out that are broken into parts?!) Regardless, I devoured this book in only a few short hours.

**Spoilers below** Continue reading

The Good Guy…

Following on from my Good Vs Evil post, I thought I might delve into some of the best hero characters I’ve come across in my reading and why I feel they worked. Continue reading

Another quick dip into Lindsay Buroker’s world of the Emperor’s Edge Series

Beneath the surface (The Emperor’s Edge Series Book #5.5)




Another fantastic addition to the Emperor’s Edge Series by Lindsay Buroker.  Continue reading