Review: Fat Off Sex and Violence


3 stars

Read on November 13, 2016

Synopsis: Improve your life through nonstop sex and violence!

Gary is a fucking loser. He spends his days jerking off to hentai and fantasizing about his ideal life. ne day while sitting in his hidden spot in the woods, he encounters the perfect girl. She is his ultimate fantasy. The only problem – she isn’t human. She’s an otherworldly creature who feeds on acts of sex and violence. Lots and lots of violence…and she is a complete glutton for it.

Fat Off Sex and Violence is the most extreme work yet by one of the most exciting new voices in horror. Don’t try to resist, give in to your worst instincts. Welcome to Shane McKenzie’s world.

Bookish Things: 130 pages. The cover is delightfully sinful and fits nicely with the WTF feel of the whole story.

Where to buy: Amazon on kindle for $3.06 or paperback for $10.95.

My Review: 

My first Shane McKenzie book and while not as disturbing as I was expecting, still enough gore and violence to keep me reading.

I didn’t love nor hate this, but I can’t really fault it either because it is what it is. Graphic horrific content. I felt a little removed from the action in this, almost as if I were a spectator behind glass. It might have been the character and my inability to relate to him, more than any writing style or technique.

Certainly not for those with weak stomachs or sympathetic vomiters, Fat off sex and violence should intrigue as much as it disturbs with its graphic content and explosive conclusion.

I’m keen to see what else Shane has on offer, this will not be the last of his I read.

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Necessary Evil ~ My review

Necessary Evil  3 stars

Read from December 08 to 15, 2013

Synopsis: 1990 – Atlanta, Georgia

Is there a serial killer on the prowl? Or is someone just yanking the blindfold off Lady Justice?

“The Bible says, “If men strive, and hurt a woman…
He shall be punished. Though shalt give life for life.
Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand,
Foot for foot, Burning for burning,
Wound for wound, stripe for stripe.”
I say, “Heaven and victims raged
As another beast was set free.
Taking an eye for an eye was left up to me.
If Justice is blind or her hands are bound,
Rejoice, Good Citizens, for I am around.”

It was signed The Avenger in typed print

Now justice had a name and Lt. Dan Mallory and his squad had to stop him from avenging heinous crimes against women.

But The Avenger proved smarter and more deadly than any killer they had ever
tracked. No clues. No forensics. Nothing – but a trail of mutilated bodies of men the courts had set free on technicalities.

Were the victims connected? And were they really victims or just finally paying for their crimes?

Lt. Dan Mallory had his suspicions. Crime reporter James Starr knew more than he should about The Avenger and his victims. And Starr also knew more than he should about Mallory’s past.

New York Times bestselling author Janelle Taylor brings you a psychological thriller that will shock you with its intensity as she takes you into the darkest regions of revenge. When justice really becomes blind, the Avenger steps in and becomes a Necessary Evil

NECESSARY EVIL is not for the faint of heart.


A page turner that will leave your heart pounding – and make you check the locks on your doors and windows

Warning – this book and its violent scenes and language is for mature audiences only.

NECESSARY EVIL also gifts you with the first chapters from Janelle Taylor’s next psychological thrillers: UNNECESSARY EVIL and DANGEROUS DECEPTIONS Continue reading