AWW2020 Review: Crossing the Lines

Crossing the Lines by Sulari Gentill

Read from 4 – 30 August 2020.

Synopsis: When Madeleine d’Leon conjures Ned McGinnity as the hero in her latest crime novel, she makes him a serious writer simply because the irony of a protagonist who’d never lower himself to read the story in which he stars amuses her.

When Ned McGinnity creates Madeleine d’Leon, she is his literary device, a writer of detective fiction who is herself a mystery to be unravelled.
As Ned and Madeleine play out their own lives while writing the other’s story, they find themselves crossing the lines that divide the real and the imagined.

This is a story about two people trying to hold onto each other beyond reality.

Bookish Things: 229 pages. The cover and name of the book has changed to After She Wrote Him.

Where to buy: Amazon on kindle for $8.54.

My Review: 

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Recommended for: Crime and thriller enthusiasts

I got to listen to Sulari on a panel at a local writing conference a couple of years back and from that moment I knew I’d read some of her work. It seems this has changed titles from Crossing the Lines to After She Wrote Him.

I’m glad I started with this stand alone work, not the Rowland Sinclair Series that she’s so well known for.

As a writer, these characters held a soft spot in my heart and I loved the delicate way the story weaved between Edward ‘Ned’ McGinnity and Madeline ‘Maddie’ d’Leon’s realities. The play on what was real and what was fiction was brilliantly executed and held the readers hand as we waded into the entwined tale.

Sulari has an excellent way with words and the prose really shone in the way it was so easy to read and be sucked into the story.

Why then not 5/5? I really didn’t enjoy the ending. It felt like such a huge let down after the build up of the story and just sort of trailed off without much closure. There was also a lot of formatting issues that came with this ARC that hopefully have been addressed with the official release versions.

Will I be reading more from Sulari? Absolutely!

**Note: I received this as an electronic ARC from Net Galley in return for an honest review**

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