Review: Dying on the Streets

Dying on the Streets by E.M. Swift-Hook
3 stars

Read from 6-13 August, 2020

Synopsis: A young woman turns up dead on the streets of Viriconium but before Dai Llewellyn can investigate he first has to prove it is actually a murder.

Join Dai and Julia as danger stalks their steps in an alternative modern day Britain where the Roman Empire still rules.

Bookish Things: 78 pages. The cover is simple but works with the story. This is book #8 in the Dai and Julia Series but can be read alone.

Where to buy: Amazon on kindle for $ 3.99.

My Review: 

Bookshelves: novellaindie-author3-star-reviewcrimeindie-review-copiesmade-me-thinkmysterywtf-moments-galore

Recommended for: Mystery lovers

I want to start this review by stating I have not read any of the prior 7 parts of the Dai and Julia series. However, this novella sat nicely on its own and I feel I wasn’t too lost for having not read the history.

Where things got a touch troublesome was the sudden and deep immersion into the language of the story. The Latin and Roman-inspired word choices was a lot to take in while trying to get to know a cast of characters. This issue would probably be less prominent for someone who has read the seven earlier installments.

The writing in this novella is deliciously written and very sophisticated. The plot and sub-plots weave intricately throughout the story and effortlessly lead the reader through a complex mystery. Once I got to know the characters it became apparent these are fully formed and complicated entities that have clearly been developed and explored thoroughly over the stories E.M. has created. Brilliant work!

I quite enjoyed this romp, but I found the sophistication and complexity of the writing along side the Latin/Roman-inspired word choices made this a little bit of a hard slog to read. Not something I’d pick to read on a chilled weekend, this one requires a bit more mental acuity to get the most out of it.

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