Review: A Question of Honor

A Question of Honor by Lindsay Buroker


Read from 7-8 May, 2017

Synopsis: With less than six months until his entrance exams for the famed Nurian warrior-mage academy, Yanko is sent to his uncle’s salt mine for “hardening,” as his father calls it. He expects endless days of physical labor; what he doesn’t expect is to have to choose one of the mine’s prisoners as a sparring partner.

Not wanting his uncle to think him a coward, Yanko picks a big scarred man from Turgonia, a land known for its ruthless warriors. Only after his selection does he learn that he’ll be expected to kill his opponent… before his opponent kills him.

Bookish Things: 59 pages. This is just a short story to whet the appetite. I love the cover, the vibrant colours really work. It is the first book in the Swords & Salt trilogy.

Where to buy: Amazon on kindle for $0.99.

My Review: 

A Question of Honor is the first of three short stories in the Swords and Salt trilogy.

In typical Lindsay fashion, she’s drawn me back into the Emperor’s Edge world with a new set of characters.

Yanko is a young man whose interests go against those of his father. Following a well-trodden trope of reluctant hero going on a quest for reasons aligning with their true desires, not the one their parents were pushing them towards.

This is not a bad thing, in fact, I’d argue that Lindsay uses tropes to her benefit, providing enough additional information to build a rich character around the trope and paint a strong picture with minimal words.

I am curious about Dak and the other supporting characters. I will look forward to reading the other two short stories in this collection and then the Chains of Honor series.

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