Review: Aurealis Magazine Edition #75


3 stars

Read from October 28 to 29, 2014

Synopsis: Issue #75’s fiction department features Cecilia Quirk’s ‘Scattered Souls’ and ‘The Nevermaw’ by Miles Hurt, two pieces that will engage and entertain. There is also a wealth of non fiction with a plethora of reviews, as well as a short look at the recent World Science Fiction Convention held in London. plus another Sacred Cow article where a classic work is reviewed (in a light hearted manner) as if it had just been released. Just tons of good stuff!

Bookish Things: Another good collection. I quite like the cover, it’s very striking.

Where to buy: Aurealis Magazine store for $2.99

My Review:

Bookshelves: aussie-authors, 3-star-review, aww2014, horror, indie-author, paranormal, romance-ish

Cecilia Quirk’s ‘Scattered Souls’ and ‘The Nevermaw’ by Miles Hurt feature in this edition of Aurealis magazine.

While I was intrigued by Scattered Souls I didn’t find the story to be very creepy or dark, it read like a young adult story with hints of mysticism. I wanted a little more, perhaps a bit more of a twist or a little sting in the tail, alas it was missing.

The Nevermaw offered a rather intellectual approach to the fantastical. This turned me off as I felt removed from it because of the academic style of writing.

I liked the art in this edition, they matched the stories well and added a little oomph for a bit of a drab edition.

If you want to try Aurealis magazine, perhaps start with Aurealis #74.

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