NaNoWriMo here we come!

Who else is gearing up for the insanity of NaNo?

I’m quite in awe of the determination of this NaNo-er:

I just pants it and end up in deep trouble when all I end up writing is filth. But! I have 50,000 words of filth. I’m hoping I will eventually produce something epic.
So, who else out there is jumping on the NaNo train in 2016? 

Critique Partners…

Do you have a critique partner/s?

Check out Holly’s write up about her two critique partners. Well worth a read!

The Writing Process – Why I love my Critique Partners

How to Build Your Characters in Six Easy Steps

by Nat Leblanc So you’ve got a great idea for a novel or story that you’re DYING to tell. The premise is profound, the symbolism is subtle, and the big reveal at the end is going to blow your readers’ minds. You throw together an outline and show it to an editor friend. They […]

Sunday Write Up – Cult of Souls


Asidefromwriting is doing a Sunday Write-Up initiative and I thought I’d try it out.

Today’s five words are:


Here’s my piece… it was an interesting challenge. I’ve located an image from this blog that I think goes nicely with it.

Cult of Souls


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