How to Build Your Characters in Six Easy Steps

by Nat Leblanc So you’ve got a great idea for a novel or story that you’re DYING to tell. The premise is profound, the symbolism is subtle, and the big reveal at the end is going to blow your readers’ minds. You throw together an outline and show it to an editor friend. They […]

Sunday Write Up – Cult of Souls


Asidefromwriting is doing a Sunday Write-Up initiative and I thought I’d try it out.

Today’s five words are:


Here’s my piece… it was an interesting challenge. I’ve located an image from this blog that I think goes nicely with it.

Cult of Souls


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Guest Post: Furious George ~ Long live the gamer

What does gaming have to do with a blog about readerly and writerly things I hear you ask? Well, take a stroll through the thoughts of Furious George and tell me if you can’t find the similarities.


Ode to Gamers. I've seen similar images for readers...

Ode to Gamers. I’ve seen similar images for readers…

To begin with, I make no apologies for my erratic writing. If you want to read my professional style of writing, get a job with me and ask to read my professional style of writing. This is my writing for fun. If you can’t follow it, have a beer and try again. Repeat until successful. Oh, I also swear. Cry to Mum if you don’t like it.

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