NaNoWriMo Winner!

I may have promised you all a winning blog post about NaNoWriMo… it’s late, but here it is!


Yup, that’s me!


There’s the proof.

I hope everyone who took part in NaNoWriMo got something out of it, even if you didn’t reach your 50k word count goal.

All the best in your writerly endevors for 2017.

Happy NaNo-Eve

Creatures and crawlies are stirring, ready for another dose of fun and frivolity.

Oh wait!

I got that a bit mixed up with Halloween.

NaNoWriMo will see the writerly folk disappear into darkened rooms to splatter brain matter onto keyboards across the globe.

Am I ready?!

Hell no!

Will I enjoy the ride?

Will I give it a red-hot go?!

Author stereotypes and other strangeness…

Interestingly today alone, I have come across five writers, all in various stages of creation of their particular brand of brainbarf, but each of them work within the IT industry. Sure, there are plenty of different people writing, but it got me to thinking about the types of people that tend to want to become writers. I know of another two or three people personally who are also in the IT field and want to become a published author, so is this some consipracy theory? Are the radiation or magnetic fields coming out of our computers and screens and servers melting our brains in such a way that we, who brave the IT Industry are compelled to want to write?

It’s an interesting concept, one – I admit – that is probably not fully formed as I type this, but an intriguing one nonetheless. It makes me stop and ponder, eyeing critically those who sit around me at work wondering if they too have crazy characters running rampant around in their brains dictating to them what and how to write, or if it’s just me. Continue reading

Interview with Tony Talbot

Author of Eight Mile Island

The cover of Tony’s new book!

I am super excited to say that I can share with you a never-before-seen interview with the fantastic Young Adult author Tony Talbot. I have his brand new novel Eight Mile Island on my list of books to read. I think it’s currently sitting at about #10 or so at the moment. Please take a meander through the questions I asked Tony and his answers below. Continue reading