The Eleventh Question is the answer



Dianne Gray’s The Eleventh Question will keep you entertained and asking questions

This is book #2 of Dianne’s that I’ve read, Wolf Pear was a very strong, 5 star book, Dianne has kept up the good writing, creative story telling and intricate plots with another enjoyable read.

Synopsis: The first ten questions have already been asked. Who will ask the eleventh?

Fifteen-year-old Arista McGregor is in trouble – she is being bullied at school, her mother is put into rehab and she is sent to live with a foster carer. The foster carer is a vet and Arista isn’t what you would call an animal lover, in fact she’s terrified of the things. Like any teenager she asks questions, but the difference with Arista is that her questions may spark a chain of events that will change the world forever.

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