Tower of Tales by Alison Stuart


3 stars

A collection of short stories…

I have been a bit slack this week, it’s been 6 days since my last post (why do I feel like I’m at AA or something. Hi my name is…it’s been 6 days since my last post…) More on this later (perhaps I might write another post!)

Synopsis: Tower of Tales is a collection of short stories by award winning writer Alison Stuart. This eclectic mix of stories cover the travails of an expat life in Singapore and contemporary and historical romantic stories.

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Smirk worthy

The title really says it all… these books are on my ‘smirk worthy’ shelf on Goodreads.

What does a book need to possess to be considered for this shelf?

Well clearly, the title suggests the book is worthy of a smirk, but what does it need to possess to make me smirk? Well that depends on the book really. A lot of the time it’s humor, be it witty comments, barbed bickering between characters, a funny situation or inner dialogue from the protagonist that I relate to. Now, keep in mind here that not all the books on this shelf were great. Some of them I rated as 2 or 3 stars. Most of them are higher (4 and 5 stars) but they don’t have to be a fantastic book to elicit a smirk from me. Merely a quirky saying or something else that tickles my fancy. Continue reading