Aussie colloquialisms

I was chatting with a colleague at work the other day and he spouted this fantastically vivid line that almost made me dizzy with delight. It got me to thinking about the Aussie colloquialisms (yes I had to google search that to spell it correctly! I hope I’m not alone in that), this also ties in with a discussion I had with Tony Talbot on Facebook, to assist him with coming up with some neologic profanity for his new piece of work. What does that have to do with Aussie slang and colloquialisms you ask!? Well Tony actually asked me if I knew of any Aussie slang that might be appropriate.

Now I don’t know if the ideas I provided Tony will make it into his new book (how awesome would that be?! <- and there’s that interrobang I mentioned in a previous blog post!) but I thought I might share some of the interesting, quirky, humorous and otherwise bizarre lines and words us Aussies may or may not use in everyday life. Hold onto your hats people, things are about to get a bit ocker in here! Continue reading