My most read authors vol. 2.0

This is what my 'Read' pile is starting to look like.

This is what my ‘Read’ pile is starting to look like.

Last year, in January, I posted three posts about my most read authors.

#26-13 came first, closely followed by #10-2 and finally the cherry on top #1.

I just happened to be browsing through my books on Goodreads and thought I’d check out the most read authors again, a year later, to see how we’re going. I was interested to see if anyone has managed to de-throne Rebecca Royce or if there are some authors jostling their way up the ladder towards #1.

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A review of Advent by Natasha Duncan-Drake

Advent (Vampires: The New Age #1)



Synopsis: Every hunter knows a vampire bite means damnation.

Every hunter knows killing a victim is an act of mercy.

Every hunter knows there is no cure. Every hunter is wrong.

Nate Lavern became a hunter at eighteen and was well aware of the golden rule until he met Lexie. Lexie is a white witch infected with vampirism and when Nate was infected as well she showed him her secret for staying partially human. Together they hunt vampires, protecting the unsuspecting general public, but their magical solution is beginning to fail.

Their only hope is the Avebury ritual, little more than a legend even in hunter circles, and requiring four ancient relics. They are running out of time and must find out what is truth and what is myth; what is real and where it has been hidden.

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Two shorts by Natasha Duncan-Drake

Sticking with the M/M theme, I’ve read a couple of others by Natasha Duncan-Drake. Not her best, but still OK.

Chip off the old block

ChipOfftheOldBlock3 stars

Synopsis: The Anti-Christ is coming!

His name is Owen.

Well technically it’s Beherit, but that’s so last millennium. Aspiring to world domination is just around the corner and his simple life of school is coming to an end … which is kind of the problem. His best friend David, the local vicar’s son, will no longer be there and that makes Owen feel things he doesn’t understand. What else is a boy to do, but ask his dad what it all means, even if that dad has horns and his eye on the corruption of humankind?

My thoughts: 28 pages, this one was a very quick read. It was enjoyable.

Where to buy: Again, Wittegen Press has the list of locations to buy. It is free on Smashwords so, maybe head there first?

Review: What would you do if you were the Anti-Christ, a bookish virgin and your dad was Satan?

Well you can find out in Natasha’s cheeky M/M romance based around Owen and David. Not for the feint-hearted, this one, like a lot of Natasha’s work is rather explicit.

The boys are interesting and despite having their own flaws, are still charming and sexy. Seeing as this is only a short one, the character development is lacking, but you wouldn’t pick up Natasha’s work if that’s what you’re after. Natasha delivers quick, sexy M/M fiction like a boss!

This one is sprinkled with a little kink, which is nice too.

Three Bullets

Threebullets3 stars

Synopsis: Bae figured out he wasn’t like most of the guys in his small home town pretty quickly, which is why he wants out. His only route is college and for that he needs money. When he sees an ad in the local paper for a house sitter with very good rates he jumps at it. What he soon finds out it that it’s a person sitting job as well. Jim Jones and his brother Steve are new to town and Steve is temporarily blind thanks to an accident. The job involves looking after the house and Steve while Jim is out of town.

That wouldn’t be so bad, except Steve has an attitude problem and something about the two brothers just doesn’t seem quite right. Bae is not sure what he has gotten himself into, but it’s definitely not what he was expecting

My thoughts: 30 pages of graphic M/M/M. It technically could be considered interracial, but it’s not a main focus.

Where to buy: Wittegen Press has a thorough list of locations and prices on where to buy the book. You can find it here.

Review: Don’t you just hate it when your review disappears into the ether of the interwebs?!? I do.

Second time lucky!

This one isn’t Natasha’s best, it’s too short, too light on detail and you don’t get to know the characters. I really didn’t connect with any of the three men in this story. Of them all, I liked Steve the best.

M/M/M and very graphic, this one is most definitely not for the newly acquainted with this genre.

I would have liked more story, longer and more intricate scenes, more senses, especially given Steve’s condition.

Enjoyable for the short piece of titilation that it is meant to be, nothing more.

Face of the Dead by Natasha Duncan-Drake


3 stars

Another foray into M/M tinged stories…

Unfortunately for me, this one wasn’t as good as the last few I’d read. Also, while the M/M was a theme throughout the book, again it wasn’t a main theme, and certainly not graphic in terms of the sexy stuff. A bit more focused on the self-love area when the naughtiness occurred, this one might not tickle your fancy.

Synopsis: Old houses creak and groan and make noises. Miles had expected that when he bought the farmhouse, but the tapping on the windows is a bit of a shock the first night he moves in. Of course there has to be a rational explanation and Miles is determined to find it, which would be easier if things didn’t keep getting stranger.

My thoughts: Approx 32 pages. Only mediocre in the grand scheme of things, and certainly not Natasha’s best.

Where to buy it: Amazon has it for 0.99c and also available on smashwords for $0.99


bookshelves: 3-star-review,     horror,     m-m,     something-missing,     too-short

Read on February 19, 2013 — I own a copy, read count: 1

Face of the Dead is the first of Natasha’s books that I’ve read that encompasses horror and thriller aspects. While I normally, thoroughly enjoy her fantasy stories, in particular the books of the Charlie Waterman series, this one left me feeling a little cold, and not because of the creepiness.

While there was nothing technically wrong with the writing, I just felt a lack of connection with the characters. While the imagery was well constructed, I didn’t find myself imagining it in my brain, there just seemed to be some sort of blockage between the written word and my imagination.

The pacing seemed a little off with this one too, but given the short length, perhaps that was to be expected. I am thinking that the pace was so fast that I didn’t get a chance to ‘know’ the characters or share their experiences.

The bare bones of a rather creepy story is here, but it just didn’t do it for me this time.

One thing I noticed:
34% – ‘As is (it) turned out…’


A look at gay romance

Whatever you’d like to call it, gay romance, M/M fiction, or any other name attributed to the two main characters being male and having a sexual relationship together, it’s a genre I’ve been reading quite a lot of lately. This wasn’t exactly intentional, but perhaps somewhere in my unconscious brain, I wanted to read about boys getting it on!? Any why the hell not?

I know a lot of people out in the blogosphere may not be keen on the idea of gay romance, boys kissing boys (as well as other things) but I have to say I thoroughly enjoy a great M/M romance just as much as a M/F romance or a F/F romance. I don’t tend to limit myself to just reading straight romance, why would I when there’s so much fantastically written M/M and F/F romance out there? Continue reading

My most read authors 26 – 13

Goodreads has a fantastic little statistical section that shows you a number of cool stats about your reading, ranging from how many books you’ve read this year, or ever. Also, how many pages you’ve read by year, and the year of publication of the books you have read just to name a few.  One of the really awesomely cool stats that I found shows you the most amount of books you’ve read by any one author. Here’s a few from my list.

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Mmm… what a seat, that’s my kind of place!
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