Hello old friends…

Puppy waving at camera

Starting back slowly…

I know I’ve promised before that I’d be back soon, but this time I really will be back to blogging soon. I’m going to take a little while getting through my backdated review posts (there’s only almost 40 of those 0_o).

Then, once I’ve got those out of the way, I’ll hopefully have been reading again to get through some of the review copies I promised (better three years late than never right?)

And then, once I’ve got through them, I’ll open the review requests back up, but with some more strict limits on the number of books I’ll accept.

See you all again soon!


I might join the circus


It’s a funny thing in life when we’re trying to juggle everything we want to do and fit it in the amount of time we have. I often feel like the gentleman over there to the left, like I need another set of arms or two or three just to deal with what life throws at me every day.

Why do we fill our every waking moment with things we have to do, or want to do?  Continue reading