Review: For the Love of Women: Volume 2


2 stars

Read on December 08, 2016 — I own a copy , read count: 1

Synopsis: The stories in this anthology vary deliciously from science fiction to straight-up erotica—there’s something for everyone.

In She Marries Her, a southern bride juggles dealing with her overbearing mother and the stress of planning her dream wedding. Thankfully, she’s picked the right partner—one who can distract her from everything else and remind her why a wedding is happening in the first place. This piece of erotica with a heart will get your pulse racing.

A piece about pain, loss, and healing, Are Angels Allowed to Swear? is a complicated work of erotic fiction.

Scars of War takes us on an otherworldly journey of an Oracle and a Warrior, their forbidden love, and the lengths we go to—the sacrifices we make—in order to protect those we love.

New lovers, Jane and Ava, are still learning about each other. In Beautifully Exposed, Ava takes Jane on a journey of self-discovery and challenges Jane’s deeply held beliefs about herself and beauty.

Wava and Claire tells the timeless tale of love between two women. Wava has lost everything in her life; she can’t afford to lose Claire, too.

Travel with Carlie to Bora Bora in The Beach, where she meets Zoan and her group of Aussie friends. They sneak away for privacy, and all sorts of shenanigans ensue. Continue reading

Next of Kin by Ann Somerville


3 stars

A change of pace with Nick and Anton…

Synopsis: In a sequel to ‘Every Move You Make’, Nick and Anton have settled happily into married life. But on the eve of their 3rd anniversary, Nick disappears, apparently leaving Anton for another man. Anton refuses to believe it. His search for the truth takes him half way around the world, while Nick’s friends work to discover what really happened to Anton’s husband.

This novella is the third story in the ‘Unnatural Selection’ series.

My Thoughts: 107 pages of Nick and Anton, it should have been AWESOME, but this one was sadly lacking a little.

Where to buy: Smashwords has this instalment available for $2.99 or it’s also on Amazon for the same price.


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Read from March 04 to 09, 2013 — I own a copy
The first thing that you will notice about ‘Next of Kin’ is the change in narrator. Instead of Nick telling us everything, we get to delve into the character that is Anton.I’m not sure if this was simply because of the direction the story went, or if the decision was made before the story unfolded, whichever it was, I enjoyed the change if pace. I always liked Anton, now even more so.

In terms of plot, I think Ann stretched this one to breaking point. It was complex, internationally based and risky.

Unlike the first two installments, I felt the passing of time in this one, I am not sure if it was because of pacing issues, or the lapse in the storyline. But, whichever it is, I didn’t like feeling the weeks drag by for Anton and Nick.

I felt like some of the trains of thought were a bit tenuous, some of them, leaps of faith and a little too obscure to be the first, second, or third leads.

I liked the bigger roles for the supporting characters in this one, it gave them more dimension.

Once again, the romance, love and support between Anton and Nick was quite nicely done. Probably the least graphic, this time also includes a hefty dose of sweet and fluffy.

All in all, not the best ending, but books 1 and 2 would be hard to beat!

*Note: An electronic copy of this book was provided to me in return for an honest review*

A look at gay romance

Whatever you’d like to call it, gay romance, M/M fiction, or any other name attributed to the two main characters being male and having a sexual relationship together, it’s a genre I’ve been reading quite a lot of lately. This wasn’t exactly intentional, but perhaps somewhere in my unconscious brain, I wanted to read about boys getting it on!? Any why the hell not?

I know a lot of people out in the blogosphere may not be keen on the idea of gay romance, boys kissing boys (as well as other things) but I have to say I thoroughly enjoy a great M/M romance just as much as a M/F romance or a F/F romance. I don’t tend to limit myself to just reading straight romance, why would I when there’s so much fantastically written M/M and F/F romance out there? Continue reading

Unnatural selection – a quick peek

unnatural selection


Unnatural Selection by Ann Somerville is a worthy selection for your kindle.

Ann was the first author to provide me a copy of her book through Twitter. Very exciting! Constantly surrounded by this mist of STGRB flack that seems to be plaguing her and her reviewing friends, I wasn’t sure what to expect when picking up her book. When looking on GoodReads at the stats for this series I wasn’t impressed. A solid 3 star average didn’t leave me warming up to the idea, but I’m glad I persevered. Continue reading

Follow up: Tonight is the night

Well, I won! Isn’t that awesome!? You can see my previous blog post with the story here.

My first foray into the world of suspense/mystery/thriller was a success. In fact, I’ve had a few people ask me if I’ll continue on with the story, instead of leaving it where it finished. The jury is still out on this one.

What did I win you ask? It’s no national writing comp, by any stretch of the imagination, but I get to co-moderate the group the competition was held in on Goodreads, I get to come up with October’s writing competition prompt or theme and I am being showcased as writer of the month in the group. All in all, a pretty nice prize.

You can see the group (The pen is mightier than the sword) here, if you’re interested. It’s a fairly active group of people from all walks of life. Not the biggest on GR, but not the smallest either. I find the mix of people to be quite good, they seem to be quite inspirational in their own ways. I’ve had more than one story idea pop into my head while bantering backwards and forwards with that group, or reading their comments.

So, onto the main reason of this blog post… Continue reading