A look at gay romance

Whatever you’d like to call it, gay romance, M/M fiction, or any other name attributed to the two main characters being male and having a sexual relationship together, it’s a genre I’ve been reading quite a lot of lately. This wasn’t exactly intentional, but perhaps somewhere in my unconscious brain, I wanted to read about boys getting it on!? Any why the hell not?

I know a lot of people out in the blogosphere may not be keen on the idea of gay romance, boys kissing boys (as well as other things) but I have to say I thoroughly enjoy a great M/M romance just as much as a M/F romance or a F/F romance. I don’t tend to limit myself to just reading straight romance, why would I when there’s so much fantastically written M/M and F/F romance out there? Continue reading

A m/m romance trilogy: A review

A lot of people might be a touch surprised to hear that I read m/m or gay romance, but I’m here to tell you that this trilogy is one of the sweetest and loving romances that I have read (that includes m/m, f/f or m/f romance!). It pales into insignificance that the two protagonists are both male. All I could feel from them was a warmth and love that all couples should share, regardless of their gender.

I have just finished the final book in the Ennek Series by Kim Fielding. Kim primarily writes gay fiction and she has a total of 13 books out at the moment. I have only read three of her books, but I will be reading more I can assure you. All her books are currently available on Amazon for a range of prices from $0.99 up to $6.99 for her newer books.

The Ennek series is a fantasy and adventure tale – it delves into Ennek’s life. He is the youngest son of the Chief of Praesidium. It explores magic, politics, human emotion, action and adventure and wraps it all up nicely with a bit of romance.

Be warned that the synopsis of each subsequent book may contain slight spoilers, so if book 1 sounds interesting and you think you might like to read them, perhaps shut your eyes for the second and third books. 🙂

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Books that made me cry…

The ‘Made me cry’ shelf

This book shelf is really only reserved for those books that really REALLY are special. The characters have to connect with me on one or more levels and I have to truly care for them. There are a lot of books out there that I’ve loved, that have even gotten 5 stars, but aren’t on this list. Similarly, some of the books in this shelf haven’t gotten 5 stars, but I loved the characters. If you’re keen to see the whole list (currently 14) you can view it from my profile page on Goodreads. Continue reading