Review: The Snow Owl


3 stars

Synopsis: Ben thinks his son’s talk of the magical kingdom of Lukana is just typical childhood imagination. But one winter day, when seven year-old Eric sculpts a snow owl in his backyard, he seems to set in motion events that cannot be anything but magical. Now Ben faces the terrifying prospect of losing his only child to a wintry spirit… a spirit that just might be the boy’s true father.

Bookish Things: 11 pages. I love the cover, those eyes are so intense!

Where to buy: Amazon on kindle for $0.79.

My Review:

The Snow Owl is a fantasy/paranormal story that rambles and twists in its writing about a young family who experience a rather interesting event.

I wish there’d been more time to explore the events leading up to the climax, I feel there would have been a greater emotional attachment to the characters. As it stands, this reads well but lacks depth.

Review: Firebug by Jon Hartling


3 stars

Read on June 25, 2015 — I own a copy

Synopsis: When a strange rash of arson breaks out, the culprit – or culprits? – is like nothing anyone expects, in this short story of “weird fiction” in the tradition of H.P. Lovecraft.

Bookish Things: 6 pages, this book gives you but a tiny glimpse into something far bigger. The cover is delightfully simple, but works with the story.

Where to buy: Amazon on kindle for $0.75

My Review: 

Bookshelves: 3-star-review, horror, thriller, fantasy

Firebug is a glimpse at a bigger story. It does have a beginning, middle and end, but leaves a lot of unanswered questions.

I wasn’t 100% sure where the story was going when I started reading, an old guy moaning about progress, the loss of the woods around his property and such. But it quickly escalated and took a rather bizarre turn.

I must admit, the twist in the tail end really is what secured this short story it’s 3 stars. It was over so quickly, but rather juicy, in a horrific sense.

The writing style is simple, with the exception of the drawl-like speech of the old man. It should be easily accessible to most readers.

An interesting tale and very quick read.