House Rules by Jodi Picoult

I seem to have broken my own house rules by tempting myself with a Jodi Picoult book instead of some of the indie books I had listed only the other day. I did have a reason for this.

I took a well needed break with my husband and we didn’t take any electronic devices with us. No phone, no kindle (GASP! Yes I know. I felt completely naked without it!), just us, a fireplace, a very indulgent day spa massage and some fantastic food in the mountains. It was glorious!

This is why I ended up taking a book, but in the last minute rush to find something to take with me to read before we left I couldn’t locate Sydney’s Song, so I grabbed House Rules instead.

**This review contains slight spoilers**


3 stars

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The Bad…

A family of devil duckscredit:

A family of devil ducks

Similarly to the good post I made a while back, I thought I’d highlight some fantastic bad guys I’ve read about and explore why they worked. Do we ever truly like an evil character? Do we draw similarities with these villains or are we secretly living vicariously through them and their exploits? Continue reading

Books that made me cry…

The ‘Made me cry’ shelf

This book shelf is really only reserved for those books that really REALLY are special. The characters have to connect with me on one or more levels and I have to truly care for them. There are a lot of books out there that I’ve loved, that have even gotten 5 stars, but aren’t on this list. Similarly, some of the books in this shelf haven’t gotten 5 stars, but I loved the characters. If you’re keen to see the whole list (currently 14) you can view it from my profile page on Goodreads. Continue reading