Author Interview: Vanessa Skye

Welcome to the third author interview on my blog. Today you’ll see the Q & A of Vanessa Skye, independent author of five novels.

Say Hi to Vanessa Skye.

Say Hi to Vanessa Skye.

Vanessa newest book Koven will be released in eBook and Paperback on June 11, check out Amazon, Kobo, TWCS, Booktopia, Barnes & Noble, and Book Depository, or ask your local book store to order it in for you.

To whet your appetite for Vanessa’s books, she’ll answer 22 questions for you.

Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?

If you were in a fight to the death, ‘The Hunger Games’ style, what would be your weapon of choice?

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

A psychic has just told you about your past life. Who were you?

These and other exciting questions answered by Vanessa Skye.

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Edge of Darkness – Interview with Vanessa Skye

The final instalment of my Edge of Darkness week is my interview with Vanessa Skye.

Say Hi to Vanessa Skye.

Say Hi to Vanessa Skye.

Vanessa’s Bio:

Vanessa Skye has always had a love of words and spent her school years writing poetry, speeches and fictional essays.

After completing a Bachelor of Arts in Print Journalism and studying Psychology at Charles Sturt University, Vanessa got a job at Australia’s largest publisher of regional and agricultural news and information, Rural Press, where she worked as a journalist in the Central West of NSW for four years.

Thousands of stories later, Vanessa decided to move back to Sydney and try her hand at public relations while studying a Master of Arts in Communication.

Skip forward a few years and Vanessa once again found herself joyfully studying various psychology subjects while managing a Sydney public relations firm. Enthralled with examining the motivations behind people’s actions, Vanessa realized what she really wanted to do in life was combine her love of words with her fascination for human behavior.

So Vanessa quit public relations to begin the significantly more impoverished life of a professional writer.

Inspired by a recurring dream, Vanessa wrote her crime fiction debut,The Enemy Inside, which challenges the concept of justice, asks if the need for vengeance sometimes justifies murder, and explores whether you can ever heal from childhood abuse. The second book in this series, Broken, soon followed. In her spare time, Vanessa wrote a short story, The Piece, which was published in February 2012 by Dark Prints Press as a part of the ‘One That Got Away’ dark fiction anthology.

Vanessa now works as a freelance writer, lives in Sydney’s northern beaches and tries to immerse herself in salt water at least once a day.

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Interview with Karen Wyle

Now if only I could get an outfit this snazzy for my next interview! Photo credit:

As promised, I have the interview with Karen Wyle for you today. I asked Karen a series of questions, some of them serious, writing oriented questions and others a little silly. Karen was a fantastic sport and provided us with some interesting insights into how she works at completing her novels, what she’d take with her if she was stranded on an island, a little bit about what genre she might like to try next and what is coming up in terms of her writing projects. Continue reading

Karen Wyle, author of Twin-Bred and Wander Home

I’ve had the pleasure of lining up another author interview for you all. This time it’s with Karen Wyle. You’ll be able to see that one tomorrow, but for today I thought I’d introduce you to Karen and give you some information about her books.

Say hi to Karen!

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Interview with Tony Talbot

Author of Eight Mile Island

The cover of Tony’s new book!

I am super excited to say that I can share with you a never-before-seen interview with the fantastic Young Adult author Tony Talbot. I have his brand new novel Eight Mile Island on my list of books to read. I think it’s currently sitting at about #10 or so at the moment. Please take a meander through the questions I asked Tony and his answers below. Continue reading