The Black Daughter ~ First Chapter

So since I teased you all with the first page of The Black Daughter (several times now) and I’ve now gotten my results from school, I figured I would share a little more of the story with you.

I submitted the whole 2000+ words to my teacher in early June and got back my grades only a few days ago. The comments were all valid, a couple of places she picked up on superfluous words (ACK! After all my editing!) and even one cliche statement, which upon further thought, actually needn’t be there. I can change it up.

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Draft #6 and final

Death By Red Pen... source:

Death By Pen…

The last few steps…

So, I’ve let you all consider the last few points I’ve made. This also happens to be the last few steps before the ‘finished’ product.

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When the words blur…

And you feel like your brain has turned to mush…

The four steps of death by editing... Source:

The four steps of death by editing…

Or when you want to smack your head against the desk – repeatedly and with great force. You need to distance yourself from your work.

In short, take a break!

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The process of self-editing

Love thy red pen

Red pen love... Photo credit:

Red pen love…
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When I talk with other writerly people, editing seems to be one of the most common pain points amongst them. Some people tell me they aren’t very good at it, some have decided that they can’t do it while others try to do the best they can but will often rely on BETA readers and editors to edit their manuscripts more completely.

I like editing.

Scary thought isn’t it?

I find it gives my creative brain a bit of a break despite the fact that I find aspects of it quite challenging. I know I’m not qualified at it or the best at it, I feel I have a fair grasp on a lot of the basics, but one can always learn more.

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Does speaking in tongues interfere with the reader?

Have you ever read a book and you’re struggling to understand what is written on the page?

Does someone’s written accent blur the lines of the English language into a mash of random syllables and noises?

When does trying to capture your character’s character get in the way of the reader enjoying the story?

A good example of this is the book I’m currently reading Cloud Atlas. While I am quite enjoying the story and the way that each of the different times connect (no matter how tenuously), the changes in language between the mini stories is driving me nuts.

Things are getting a little blurry Source:

Things are getting a little blurry

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When do you give up on a book?

That pivotal moment…

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Sometimes we just need to give up on a book…
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Do you have a point of no return when reading a book? Are there unforgivable sins an author can commit that stops you reading in your tracks? I believe there are, here are a few I’ve come across. Continue reading