AWW2015 sign up post


It’s that time of the year again, when I pledge to read and review at least 10 Autralian Women Writer’s books.

This year I’m planning to read some of the more well known authors as I’m incorporating a number of them into another reading challenge.

You’ll see the likes of Tara Moss, Keri Arthur, and Kylie Chan. They will however be rubbing shoulders with some of my favourite Indie AWW authors too, like Tahlia Newland, Alison Stuart, and Georgina Anne Taylor.

If you haven’t signed up yet, you can by visiting the AWW website.



Fairy Tales for Freya a review

Fairy Tales for Freya by Georgina Anne Taylor



Georgina (Gina) is a fellow Aussie, she was represented previously, but now she’s self published. A number of her books and short stories range in genre from pure fantasy to gothic fantasy to even bordering on slightly erotic in nature. Gina is an active author on social media sites like Goodreads, but also spends a great deal of time tending to her farm in Tasmania.  Continue reading

Australian Women Writers Challenge 2013

Thanks to Miss Molly for the gentle nudge of encouragement to officially sign up for the AWW challenge for 2013. She’d posted her introduction post about the challenge here on WordPress and upon seeing it I figured I could do that too, since I’d probably already be reading a few.

awwbadge_2013I signed up for the Franklin round (which equates to reading 10 books and reviewing at least 6 of them). If you’re keen to give this challenge a go, at any level, click on the AWW badge in this post or in the bar to the right of my blog.

It will take you to the sign up page for the challenge and you can get cracking.

I plan on reading a number of books by authors I happen to interact with on Goodreads. You may have seen my review on Wolf Pear by Dianne Gray I plan to read at least another one of her books in this challenge.

I’m currently reading Behind the Mask by Juliet M Sampson who also happens to be an Aussie author. BehindTheMask

I have a couple of shorter books by Georgina Anne Taylor who hails from Tassie that will also be gracing my ‘currently reading’ shelf this year.

Alison Stuart, who’s book I recently reviewed (Gather the bones), has a few more I will be devouring in 2013 too.

There is also Tara Moss, who has a number of fantastic crime/suspense type books available plus a new one that I’m dying to read!

If you’re keen to give this challenge a try, or you can follow along with my progress on the AWW website (click on the AWW image), find them on Twitter (#aww2013 or @auswomenwriters) or on Goodreads.