A very psychedelic impression of conception. source:

A very psychedelic impression of conception.

When you think of the word conception, what do you think?

Does your mind become a buzz of plans and plotting? Or does it go to something a little more sexual  in nature? 



  1. The action of conceiving a child or of a child being conceived.
  2. The forming or devising of a plan or idea.

What does this have to do with things today? 

The meaning is twofold. I was in the process of conception myself (haha not the making of a child – that’s just wrong on too many levels to be mentioning that on my blog!) I was referring to some new story ideas, plots and characters coming into existence. I am hoping to share these guys with you at a later date 😀

Then, later after I’d jotted down my new ideas, I was having a read of some of my previously written work and I stumbled across this little gem. It was MEANT to be the opening scene of a story attempt. I even had characters picked out too, but I’ve since decided that those characters will be better suited to something else down the track, and the original story idea has been put on hold – likely indefinitely. After deciding to chuck the story, I entered this as it is, into a competition online. I can’t remember much about the competition now, clearly I didn’t win… one would hope I remember more about a comp if I actually placed right?!

Anyway, this led me to thinking about what it’s like to re-read your work a while after you’ve written it and coming back to it with fresh eyes. I quite like the imagery in this piece, what do you think?


Naked bodies writhing as one, flesh against flesh. Molten desire flows freely from each and every pore, mixing reality with the world of dreams and desires. Fingers trace down a spine, toes curling. Moans mingle together with sighs of ecstasy creating a symphony of pain and pleasure that reverberates around the room.

A tongue wets swollen lips before they enclose around soft flesh, teeth nibbling and tasting. Enjoying the sheer bliss of the closeness of him, she loses control. Can’t get enough of him, her nails run down his naked back, then down his chest. Teeth bite slowly into him. Blood.

Lips caress the soft delicate flesh of her breast, sneaking a taste of her darkened nipple. Fingers exploring her skin, sending shivers racing up her spine. Her hands entwined in his hair, face contorted in pleasure. His lips and hands are bringing her to climax even before the love making has begun. Caressing hands run across her hips, bringing hers to his, becoming one.

His soul is poured into hers. He becomes one being with her, giving her the strength he held within for so many long winters. She takes all he has to give and more, turning him inside out, causing him to feel the most exquisite pleasure and pain in one instant. Moving together, trying to climb inside of her, he pulls her to him, closer. Closer still.

She releases him and he her. Souls beared and weeping, they cling together between the love soaked sheets.

Tell me about what little gems you’ve found when revisiting some of your old work in the comments below.

Writing to explore…

That sounds a glorious adventure doesn’t it? In some ways I suppose it is, but perhaps not in the way you might imagine.

I’m going to share with you all the latest piece of fiction I have written. No, it’s not associated with my current WIP (there will likely be a rant post on that in the coming weeks knowing me!) it’s completely seperate and different.

I will be submitting this piece to my teacher as my first piece of assessment next week (as is – but any comments or suggestions are welcome!) Continue reading

Saint Patrick’s Day 2013

Sunday 17th of March 2013, saw me witness my first Saint Patrick’s Day without my grandfather. My beautiful grandfather passed away in November last year and it’s been a tough few months since we had to say our goodbyes. This day, a day usually for celebrating and getting rather inebriated, instead filled my mind with sorrow and fresh pain.

I'm not this cute when I cry... Credit:

I’m not this cute when I cry…

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When your brain is wired wrong…

What I mean by that sentence is, of course that feeling one gets (or is it only me?!) when everyone else in a group of individuals seem to be in agreement on a single point of conversation or agree on a single idea, and you throw yourself out there on that lonely, windy, scary limb, the one where you’re in the spotlight on your own.

Image credit:

Hold on! Don’t let go of that limb…
Image credit:

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The truth about Coffee…

Yep, that poster is right. This blog is a bullshit free zone.

I can pledge to you all right now, that my reviews are 100% honest. If I didn’t like your book I’ll say so, and I’m not going to sugarcoat it for you. If you can’t handle hearing why I did or DID NOT like your book, don’t put it out there. Don’t type it up, wrap it in a pretty cover and send it sailing out in to the e-reader/reader sphere.

What spurred this you ask?


What is it usually? Someone being immature and childish. Someone taking offence to one of my reviews about their book. No, I won’t name names, some of you will know who it is, others will not. I refuse to give that author more publicity when they can’t handle constructive and non-threatening feedback on their book.

In their defence, they didn’t ask me to review their book. They didn’t give me a copy of it, I paid for it. I handed over my hard-earned cash and spent a few hours of my valuable time reading the book.

The conclusion…

So, to you, my dear followers, and you, the bigger group of authors who may decide to send me your book… be prepared to get the truth from me.

It’s that simple!


The Bad…

A family of devil duckscredit:

A family of devil ducks

Similarly to the good post I made a while back, I thought I’d highlight some fantastic bad guys I’ve read about and explore why they worked. Do we ever truly like an evil character? Do we draw similarities with these villains or are we secretly living vicariously through them and their exploits? Continue reading