Review: Clawbinder


2 stars

Read on October 14, 2015 — I own a copy, read count: 1

Synopsis: Saira has been trained from birth for this: to battle one of the Great Ones and retrieve that precious prize. But Rajani is old and clever, and like the Great Rocs before her, she is wise to the ways of thieves. A fantasy short story.

“Clawbinder” was first published on Short-Story.Me! and is now available for the first time as an individual eBook. It also includes a short preview of the upcoming novelette “Night Feeders”, a supernatural western.

Bookish Things: 11 pages. The cover ties in with the story, but I think it could be improved on.

Where to buy: I got this as a freebie on Amazon in 2012. It is no longer available.

My Review: 

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Clawbinder reads like the introduction or prologue to a much longer story. If this is the case, I think it reads fairly well. If it’s not going to form the opening pages to something larger then much work needs to be done for it to stand on its own.

There’s very little character development, or background information provided to fill in the glaring blanks in the story. As a short story prologue that’s ok, because the gaps will be filled by the detail in the rest of the novel… alone, that’s not ok.

I was left curious about the powers Saira possessed and how Rajani would react to the whole situation.

One thing to note, the synopsis/blurb says that the new kindle book comes with a preview of an upcoming novella “Night Feeders” but my copy didn’t have that. I did purchase my copy in 2012, and it appears that the change to the synopsis/blurb occurred in 2014. So I can’t comment on the preview.