Guest Post: Zombified author Maggie LaCroix

Maggie LaCroix, author of soon-to-be released Zombified, joins me today to share her thoughts on what makes a good character in fiction.


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Coming to an American diner near you…

Albalvion (or Bal for short!)

Writing Albalvion 500,000 times is going to get tedious, but it’s what he told me his name was, so I have to go with it!

Do you ever get that with your characters?

The interesting thing is, I can’t find a picture that does justice to the mental image I have of him in my head. A lot of the dragons out there look either too scary or a bit dopey. There is something not quite right about them, they don’t fit with him and his personality.

Following on from my last post, I mentioned that Bal was thrust into an interesting situation involving him in a busy American diner. Keep reading if you’d like to explore that little tale.

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The difference between plot driven and character driven

Each of these styles has a place and, each can be used incredibly well by a vast number of writers out there, but knowing when to use each one and exactly how to use them seems to be alluding me right now.

Yes, this is stemming from my writing class again, I’m sure you guys will be sick to death of me rabbiting on about my fantastic writing class and whining about how I can’t seem to quite grasp the concepts put forward by the teacher.

Would this be considered character driven?Credit:

Would this be considered character driven?

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