AWW2016 review: Assassin by Tara Moss



Read from May 08 to 12, 2016

Synopsis: Former model turned forensic psychologist and PI Mak Vanderwall is missing, presumed dead in Paris. By hiring a hit man to kill her, the powerful and corrupt Cavanagh family aimed to silence her for good. But after narrowly escaping death, Mak has taken over her would-be killer’s world. She is very much alive. And transformed …

Back in Sydney Mak’s former flame, criminal profiler Andy Flynn is on the trail of a vicious rapist and murderer with possible ties to the infamous ‘Stiletto Killer’. He may have struck before and will certainly do so again. And while Andy struggles to cope in a world without Mak, little does he realise she is on her way back. And this time she’s ready to make her own justice. Continue reading

Book boyfriends and girlfriends…

What do I mean by that you might be asking!?

Characters that draws the reader in and encourages them to take that emotional first step into a lustful/emotional relationship.

What draws us to these men and/or women that are painted so vividly upon the paper or screen in front of us? Do we see snippets of partners past, the ones that got away? Have the authors managed to pick your brains in search for that illusive, perfect being that could warm even the coldest heart? Continue reading