Blood and Betrayal ~ A closer look

A closer look at Blood and Betrayal (book #5 in the Emperor’s Edge Series) by Lindsay Buroker.

If you’ve spent much time lurking around on my blog, you’ll know I love Lindsay’s EE series. I was purposely leaving book #5 for a little while so the wait for #6 wasn’t so long… below is my verdict.

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Lindsay Buroker ~ Shout Out

Shouting out about Lindsay Buroker!

Lindsay is probably one of my favourite authors of all time. She’s not only constantly creating FANTASTIC books, she’s also keeping her fans happy by creating various short stories about the same characters in between and managing to keep super active on all forms of social media. She unbelievably manages to keep the rabid Sicarius fans (myself included) at bay by providing tasty tidbits of stories about said stoney-faced assassin at various intervals between the Emperor’s Edge (EE) books. Bravo Lindsay, bravo! Continue reading

Review of Shadows over Innocence by Lindsay Buroker

I do not know how Lindsay does it! How she manages to write this short, but ‘Oh so sweet’ glimpse inside of Sicarius’ mind while giving her Emperor’s Edge (EE) fans information, but keeping some of the bigger secrets hidden from those who may only be new to the EE world is beyond me!

I felt like I was reading a coded message straight from the head of EEIA (Emperor’s Edge Intelligence Agency), I could read into the message all the things I have gleaned from my previous EE reading, yet someone completely new would go away with a full story too, just less intricate, less involved, but no less satisfying.

Is it weird that being inside of Sicarius’ head was exactly like I thought it would be?

Lindsay, I take my hat off to you! Brilliantly written as always!

You can find copies of Shadows over Innocence on Smashwords for free or on Amazon for 99c. While you’re there, why not try picking up The Emperor’s Edge (Book 1 in the series) for free too. You won’t regret it!

Review of Conspiracy by Lindsay Buroker

Conspiracy by Lindsay Buroker

Conspiracy by Lindsay Buroker

Favourite quote from this book:

“There are times when I’d like to know what you’re thinking,” Amaranthe said. “Right now, for example. Are you thinking, ‘Why is she touching me when she hasn’t bathed in three days?’ or is it more like ‘Hm, that’s nice, maybe we should try cuddling some time’?” Sicarius withdrew a collapsible spyglass from a pocket. Amaranthe sighed. “I see. You were thinking, “Which pocket did I leave my spyglass in?'”

I don’t know what I would do if Lindsay wasn’t such a fantastic writer?! I feel a little like a young child does after eating a bucket full of sweets, both a sugar (Sicarius) induced high and a little sick. Sick at the thought that I have to wait for book #5 – oh wait! Book #5 was released two days ago! Woohoo!!

I must get my Sicarius fix. Sorry, getting ahead of myself here. *wipes drool*

Conspiracy is book #4 in the Emperor’s Edge series, which I have consumed like the cookie monster consumes cookies. Less than two days of reading… and then, only that long because I had to do things like work and be a functioning human being.

Conspiracy places us back in the midst of Amaranthe and the gang as they head off on the mother of all missions. I don’t want to ruin the book for anyone, so that’s about as much of the plot as I’ll share.

Amaranthe was her usual fantastic self. Coming up with some of the best and equally scary and hair-brained ideas for the crew to get themselves into.

The banter within the group was well portrayed and light-hearted and felt really natural. Maldynado made me laugh, Books made me snort with mirth, Basilard had me fist pumping in celebration and Akstyr had me both smiling and frowning.

I wanted more of the scenes with Amaranthe and Sicarius, but I have a love/hate relationship with them. The more of them there are, the more I wanted to shove Amaranthe out of the book all together. Is it possible to want one thing but fear it happening at the same time?

Sicarius is… his usual… stoney-faced-self…with a little something else, for those of you who have read the previous books this will probably not be a surprise. It didn’t surprise me, but I ‘selfishly’ didn’t want it to happen either.

I will have to go and read book #5 now. I don’t think it’s possible to have enough of Sicarius!!

Brilliant book again Lindsay! Now, you best get back to that dungeon of yours and work on book #6 – I can’t go through Sicarius withdrawals for too long!!