Blood and Betrayal ~ A closer look

A closer look at Blood and Betrayal (book #5 in the Emperor’s Edge Series) by Lindsay Buroker.

If you’ve spent much time lurking around on my blog, you’ll know I love Lindsay’s EE series. I was purposely leaving book #5 for a little while so the wait for #6 wasn’t so long… below is my verdict.

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Book boyfriends and girlfriends…

What do I mean by that you might be asking!?

Characters that draws the reader in and encourages them to take that emotional first step into a lustful/emotional relationship.

What draws us to these men and/or women that are painted so vividly upon the paper or screen in front of us? Do we see snippets of partners past, the ones that got away? Have the authors managed to pick your brains in search for that illusive, perfect being that could warm even the coldest heart? Continue reading

Michael J. Sullivan ~ Shout out

I wanted to take some time out of my reading and regular blogging schedule to give a shout out to someone who I believe is truly awesome!

Michael J. Sullivan

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Review of The List by J.A. Konrath

The List

This is the second of J.A Konrath’s books I have read, it’s another single book, not part of his more well known series, (I will get to them eventually though!) I actually stumbled across Konrath’s books by accident and I have to say he’s one of my favourite authors now; I started with Origin and followed up with The List! Awesome work J.A. Konrath! Awesome work!

The List was brilliantly psychotic and thrilling. The twists were unexpected, yet well thought up and written, they truly grasped the reader and thrust them into the story almost against the reader’s will. On top of a killer storyline, this technothriller contained some of the most well constructed baddies I’ve come across in all my reading.

Konrath’s blurb:
A billionaire Senator with money to burn…
A thirty year old science experiment, about to be revealed…
Seven people, marked for death, not for what they know, but for what they are…

Is the tag line that grasped my interest here, and I was not disappointed. Chicago Homicide cop, Tom Mankowski is the lead of this brilliantly twisted tale. He finds himself teamed up with a cast of other characters that were very realistic and interesting. I loved the humour, I loved the freakishness of the whole story and I especially loved Joan. Her character is one that I enjoyed immensely, her spunk and strong will really made me appreciate her role in this story. She was one of the characters that women can really appreciate and relate to, she didn’t shy away; she stood up for herself and others. No shrinking violets in this story!

I spent a couple of nights staying up into the wee hours of the morning not being able to put this book down. It is a thoroughly enjoyable and exciting read. I highly recommend it for the crime/suspense/thriller readers out there. It does contain aspects of science fiction so if you like that too you’ll probably enjoy this book as much as I did!

The man who doesn’t read…

The man who doesn’t read has no advantage over the man who can’t read.

— Mark Twain

One of my favourite things about my kindle is the ability to highlight my favourite quotes from the books I read. I can then happily locate them on the kindle’s ‘My clippings’ entry.

What makes a good quote?

I think it comes down to the words resonating with the reader. Be it, by inspiring them or making them smile, making them cry or by just being well crafted. One can appreciate a well-crafted verse of another author, I find this particularly true for readers who are writers too.

I have found quotes from a huge range of books, magazines, tweets and blog posts. Some of them serious, others funny and some that probably don’t mean all that much to others, yet they amuse me. So, with the act of sharing in mind, I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite quotes and see if you too enjoy them.

“It’s too bad that stupidity isn’t painful.”  ~ Anton LaVey

“Slaying dragons, melting witches, and banishing demons is all fun and games until someone loses a sidekick – then it’s personal. The bad guy isn’t just the “bad guy” anymore, he’s the BAD GUY!” ~ Michael J. Sullivan.  This is from one of his blog posts about his Riyria Revelations series.

This one actually made me laugh out loud in the middle of the office. I happen to have quite a strong English background so I can totally relate to this one:

“I’m English. We’re about as tactful as a hot poker up the bum, most of the time.” ~ L.H. Thomson, The Antique Hunters

This one made me think about the truth behind it:

“Fact is just fiction with different storytellers” ~ Abby Slovin, Letters In Cardboard Boxes

There are certainly enough books and stories that highlight potential conspiracies within the news world. What if we’re being told what the government wants us to hear and not what is actually happening?

This one really just created a great mental image for me. The book in itself was pretty screwed up. I didn’t really enjoy it, but I still got this and a few other quotes from it:

“The elflocks of the crowd were every color of the rainbow, as was the light from their eyes that shone through the mask of the Arkadian winter night. Some of them had wings, but not gauzy gossamer tattooist fabulosities. The wing’d ones among them bore twin sails at their backs, reptilian bat bones folded and hooded just above their heads in taloned, Gothic arches of epidermis.” ~ Edward Morris, Blood of Eden: A Tragedy in Three Acts

To be honest, I’m not sure why I like this, but it seems I’m not the only one. Several people on Goodreads have also liked this quote:

“I stared at my broccoli with all kinds of menace.” ~ Juliann Whicker, Hotblood

Another one that made me laugh out loud for real. Flat-Out Love is a brilliant book. If I could quote the whole book I would. I think everyone should read it.

“Why is luge a sport? You dress up like a giant sperm and go sledding really fast. That’s hardly athletic. Phallic and sexy, yes. But hardly athletic.” ~ Jessica Park, Flat-Out Love

What are some of your favourite quotes?

Are they from books you’ve read or perhaps a catchy slogan from an advertisement or the lyrics of a song?

Do they inspire you? Make you smile or make you sad?