April 2017 Round-up: Romance, erotica and romantic suspense

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Review: For the Love of Women: Volume 2


2 stars

Read on December 08, 2016 — I own a copy , read count: 1

Synopsis: The stories in this anthology vary deliciously from science fiction to straight-up erotica—there’s something for everyone.

In She Marries Her, a southern bride juggles dealing with her overbearing mother and the stress of planning her dream wedding. Thankfully, she’s picked the right partner—one who can distract her from everything else and remind her why a wedding is happening in the first place. This piece of erotica with a heart will get your pulse racing.

A piece about pain, loss, and healing, Are Angels Allowed to Swear? is a complicated work of erotic fiction.

Scars of War takes us on an otherworldly journey of an Oracle and a Warrior, their forbidden love, and the lengths we go to—the sacrifices we make—in order to protect those we love.

New lovers, Jane and Ava, are still learning about each other. In Beautifully Exposed, Ava takes Jane on a journey of self-discovery and challenges Jane’s deeply held beliefs about herself and beauty.

Wava and Claire tells the timeless tale of love between two women. Wava has lost everything in her life; she can’t afford to lose Claire, too.

Travel with Carlie to Bora Bora in The Beach, where she meets Zoan and her group of Aussie friends. They sneak away for privacy, and all sorts of shenanigans ensue. Continue reading

Review: The Bucket List


Recommended for: F/F lovers
Read on July 19, 2014 — I own a copy, read count: 1

Synopsis: When drunken best friends Lucy and Amber write down their list of ten erotic things to do before they die – their Bucket List – quiet, reserved Lucy never suspects that wildcat Amber has plans to bring some of their craziest sexual fantasies to life.

Unknown to Lucy, Amber has secretly arranged for her to be the ‘model’ at a demonstration party for adult sex toys. Shy at first, Lucy is reluctant to take part, but after a few tantalizing icebreakers, she soon forgets her inhibitions and joins the action that holds more than a few surprises for everyone. Continue reading