Review: Cage of Light

3 stars

Read from 30 October to 20 November, 2020


Surreal dreams of love and death

Henry Dark has long believed that the world around him is a thin veil masking the true reality of existence.  Strange events start taking place, inducing him to take a trip West with his beloved wife Alice.  Their trip leads to the Lagoon of Lost Loves as well as a riddle duel with the King of the Trolls.

Is there such a thing as meaning? Henry asks himself, as he struggles to understand the very words he uses.  Is language a Cage of Light that captures meaning, or has the meaning escaped?  And does the trip they’ve taken draw Henry and Alice closer together, or is she to be a sacrifice in his search for the truth?

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “What is it with all these words and do they have anything to do with meaning?” then this is the book for you.  Surreal and absurd, using language to express what can’t be expressed with language, Cage of Light will have you wondering if you ever understood anything in the first place.

Scroll back to the top and start your voyage with Henry and Alice.  You never know where it’ll lead.

Bookish Things: 76 pages. The cover is suitably weird and obscure. This is a short story.

Where to buy: Amazon on kindle for $4.40.

My Review: 

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Cage of Light is a well written intellectual mind fuck of a story that really doesn’t fit neatly into any genre box. Part paranormal, part fantasy, part psychological horror, the reader is taken on a ride with the main character Henry Dark.

Never quite sure what is real and what is complete figments of Henry’s mind, you get a real sense of unreliable narrator that’s become so popular in TV series of late. But this does come with a warning tag – you can easily get quite lost in this story as nothing ever makes much sense.

Did I enjoy this book?
Not really. It’s hard to enjoy something that is so absurd and disjointed. However, the writing is well constructed and the craziness was interesting enough to keep me reading despite all the WTF moments.

Would I recommend it to someone?
Perhaps if they wanted something really odd to read, or perhaps to study a psychological element to characters, but really it’s not something I’d feel comfortable recommending to anyone as it’s so far out there I don’t really know who would enjoy it.

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