Review: Don’t Tell Anyone

Don't Tell Anyone by Laurie Boris


Read from 5 – 10 September, 2017

Synopsis: When pneumonia lands Estelle Trager unconscious in the emergency room, it ruins everything for the stubborn 65-year-old woman. She’d been keeping a secret—a deadly secret—that she’d planned on taking to the grave. But now her son Adam and his wife, Liza, know about her tumors. Adam is outraged, but Estelle, who watched her mother and grandmother suffer from breast cancer in the days when no one dared speak its name, has no intention of putting her family or herself through the horrors of cancer treatment. Estelle decides there is only one solution: ask Liza, the 33-year-old daughter-in-law she once called a godless hippie raised by wolves, to kill her.

A horrified Liza refuses and keeps the request—among other things—a secret from her furious husband. But she tells his younger brother, Charlie, a close friend from college with whom she shares her own confidences, despite Adam’s serious case of sibling rivalry. Armed with nutrition textbooks and her neighbor, a savvy nurse, can Liza win over her mother-in-law and convince her to consider other options before the cancer, the secrets, and Estelle’s determination to end her life win out?

Bookish Things: 234 pages. The cover is rather simple and looks a bit rough around the edges. This is the #2 book in the Trager Family Secrets Series. I have read and reviewed books 1 and 3 in the series.

Where to buy: Amazon on kindle for $7.75.

My Review: 

Considering I didn’t read the Trager Family Secrets series in order, I expected to find things a little more confusing, but Laurie has created realistic characters and easy to follow stories. So if you end up reading book #3 first, like me, you’ll find that books 1 and 2 still make a lot of sense and be no worse off for having read them the wrong way.

Any story dealing with Cancer is likely to be triggering to people. It will upset some, provide strength and comfort to others and yet, many will still be indifferent. Laurie’s gentle tone and empathetic characters allowed for such a horrible scenario to be played out with humility and even a touch of humor. Don’t Tell Anyone provides a real and heartfelt look into one, sometimes quirky, dysfunctional family dealing with secrets and cancer.

I adore Charlie, always have since reading book #3 in the series. Liza is a great character too, and while I liked Estelle and Adam, they just couldn’t hold a candle to Charlie and Liza. A welcome addition to this book was Cara, at first I didn’t really like her, but as the book progressed and I got to know her, I felt she was far more complex than she appeared at first glance. Just another example of how brilliant a writer Laurie is.

This story deals with a lot of sadness, anger and hurt, yet it remains a positive and uplifting story with many smirk-worthy one-liners. I will definitely be reading more by Laurie Boris.

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