Review: Siren’s Snare

Siren's Snare by Jessica Marie Baumgartner3 stars

Read from 17-18 May, 2017

Synopsis: Siren’s Snare from erotic romance author Jessica Marie Baumgartner will have you on the edge of your seat as a male siren’s plans for an heir go awry. This action and adventure ménage will keep you turning the pages as you discover secrets, passion, and love in a world under the sea.

Savaunt is a male siren who wishes to lure Lena into his snare. He desires her to produce him a son and make a proper meal once she has fulfilled her purpose. But his plans are halted when he falls in love with her. Will he be able to tell her the truth of his origins and find a way for them to be together?

Bookish Things: 161 pages. The cover is average, don’t love it, don’t hate it. The book blurb included content notes I’ll add in here. Content Notes: Hot, Ménage, Polyamory, Non-Sexual Physical Assault, Short MM scene, Contemporary, Paranormal, Adventure, Music, Sea Creatures.

Where to buy: This may have been available on Amazon at one point, but it’s not available any longer.

My Review: 

When I first read the blurb for this book, I admit, my first thought was something like this:
Ariel - Disney's The Little Mermaid
Then I shook myself and grew up a little:
Anne Stokes' Siren lounging on a rock with skulls
Regardless, that is not actually, where Jessica’s story takes the reader. While there was mention of the wild, aggressive female sirens, this book focused on the male sirens. And while the only fishy tail around was in the form of seafood Savaunt and Lena ate, the story still rang true to some of the myths you may know about sirens.This is a nice story about love, in all forms. But it did smack of ‘insta-love’ at least to start with. Even though there was initial hesitation from some of the characters and plenty of ‘soul searching’ at various points, things happened way too quickly.

Siren’s Snare is marketed as erotic romance, and while there are some nice sexy scenes, I felt it was a little too soft and is more a nod to romance rather than erotica. It does have one M/M scene, which felt glossed over and shallow in comparison to the scenes between Savaunt and Lena. The M/M romance/love was sweet though.

Ultimately, I liked this story; it offers new ideas around a mythical race of creatures I’ve not read much about. Despite Savaunt appearing too perfect and the insta-love, I enjoyed the polyamory and gentle love shared between the sirens and Lena. I’d just have liked it to be a bit more ‘adult’ in nature and less ‘sweet’.

Something about the writing kept throwing me off, I’m not sure if it was some of the turns of phrase from Savaunt or the writing itself, but a few times in the story, I felt very removed from the scene and subsequently stopped reading for a while. Overall, the story is enjoyable and a quick read.

One thing I noticed:
82% – Desmond’s vo(i)ce broke forth… I’m not sure if the use of voce was intended, even if it were I’d still recommend using voice.

**Note: I received an electronic copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.**


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