Gender bias in writing and characters

I stumbled across an interesting article written a couple of years ago about gender bias in writing, characters and, in fact, quite a number of creative aspects.


What do YOU think? Photo Credit

As a contributor to the Australian Women Writers Challenge, I feel this is a very important issue to not only remedy, but discuss widely and openly.

Sydney Morning Herald Article

What are your thoughts?

2 thoughts on “Gender bias in writing and characters

  1. In media this also cuts the other way: Men are always shown as being incapable of cleaning up after themselves and wallow in unwashed dishes and dirty clothes.

    One of my bugbears is media constantly referring to adult women as “girls”.

    Even in the last Star Wars, with a kick-ass female protagonist, one character says to the other at one point, “Who’s the girl?”

    Umm, I believe you’ll find she’s a woman.

    It’s institutional sexism.

    By the way, here’s a related snippet: All the characters on cereal boxes are male. Girls don’t eat cereal, it seems, or grow up to buy it except for their sons.


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