Review: Drakhom Taboo II


2 stars

Read on December 29, 2015

Blurb: As far as Bianca Conti was concerned, she’d lost a significant design project for her company because of Devon Slane. Specifically, because of an unfortunate incident prior to their meeting that wasn’t even her fault. Bianca would like nothing more than to bring that arrogant man down a few notches and extract revenge. Devon wanted spirited Bianca so much he declined her company’s bid, leaving her open to pursuit…to bend her to his will and teach her some of his Drakhom skills in bed.

Bookish Things: 27 pages. The cover is the same as the first and third books in the trilogy. Fitting to the story line.

Where to buy: Amazon on kindle for $3.03

My Review: 

Drakhom Taboo II is a short erotic story that showcases a strong, independent and successful woman trying to make it in a new job.

Bianca started off as a great character, but her desire to take Devon down a peg really started to bother me. It seemed so childish.

Anyway, the sex was nothing new. It felt like I was reading any number of other erotic books, vanilla, too perfect fucking, couched in overly-flowery prose. Oh and I caught a pretty amusing issue at 92%.

I’ll read #3, but maybe in a few months.

A few things I noticed:

52% Bianca smiled. ” (delete space)Certainly.”
70% “(delete space)Care to come over…
92% – how exactly does a man, even a Drakhom, get his cock into her womb? And how is it clenching him?? Anatomy 101 people.

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