Review: Butterface


3 stars

Read on October 19, 2015 — I own a copy

Synopsis: When love isn’t lucky…or pretty.

The scars on Beth’s face aren’t nearly as deep as the ones she nurses on the inside. She was born with hemifacial microsomia and was supposed to feel “lucky” that she wasn’t as disfigured as some people.

One boy, Lucky O’Leary, starts to find the cracks in her hard shell and finds himself falling for her. Only Lucky has a secret–he needs to bring Beth to a “dog dinner” or lose his spot on the team. She can’t find out that the guy who brings the ugliest date wins a prize.

Young Adult Short Story–8000 words

Bookish Things: 29 pages. The cover is perfect and soft.

Where to buy: Amazon on kindle for $0.73

My Review: 

Lucas ‘Lucky’ O’Leary has left his small town and moved to a college with a soccer scholarship. He works hard to maintain his grades, and subsequently spends a great deal of time at a local diner where Beth ‘Liz’ works.
Beth is a shy, quiet girl with some serious personal issues. Beth was born with hemifacial microsomia (which for those who don’t know what it looks like see below)example of hemifacial microsomia

Beth covers her scars and ultimately deems herself unworthy of ‘soccer-god’ Lucus.

The story follows Lucus being peer-pressured into inviting Beth to a ‘dog dinner’ where the soccer player with the ugliest date wins a prize. Needless to say that things don’t go quite according to plan…

I didn’t like how shallow this short story came across, but I did like the overall feel of the characters. I can understand how shallow and horrible college males (and females) can be when they’re at that time in their lives where they feel on top of the world.

I liked the sweet romance and appreciated the emotional rollercoaster that Beth and Lucus went on. I wish it was a touch longer, giving the characters a little more room to develop and the story to get more involved, but alas, you can’t have everything you wish for.

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