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Proofread and light edit in October 2015

Synopsis: A despicable crime carried out twenty years ago by a teenage gang. The proceeds of a heist hidden away. Chris Crosby was involved and could have intervened but he didn’t. So he is just as guilty. But where to hide? How about the most obvious place. He is a surveillance expert investigating organized crime in Merseyside – in particular the activities of an outfit led by Alison Mason who has had to take control when her partner was drowned in a botched drug smuggling operation. Chris is also a rock climber with ambitions to solo the hardest and most dangerous climb in the area, ‘Time Lapse’. Talk about not attracting attention to yourself. But the ghosts from his past have been awakened. Can Chris avoid exposure? Can he shop the gangsters? Can he climb – and survive – the route?

Bookish Things: 244 pages. The cover is striking and very apt.

Where to buy: Amazon on kindle for $2.91 or paperback for $9.43

My Review: 

Bookshelves: editing-and-proof, crime, indie-author, thriller

Proofread and light edit for the author through Awesome Indies.

Generally an interesting read, kept me engaged and curious as to how the story was going to end. An English slang heavy book with some quite strong swearing and crude language. Not one for children or those who are sensitive to crude and offensive language.

Crime, drugs and murder, Time Lapse should appeal to most crime lovers.

Awesome Indies Review: 

It’s hard to hide from your past…

Chris Crosby is an IT expert, working for a security firm, Safe ‘n Secure, whose job it is to get the goods on scam artists, frauds, and other no-gooders. The problem is Crosby is not his real name, and he has a past that he goes to great lengths to hide.

When an old and somewhat disreputable chum from his past bumps into him, though, the past starts to poke its ugly head into his present in ways that are not only discomfiting but also dangerous.

Time Lapse by Pete Trewin is a humorous mystery that takes the reader on an ever escalating journey with Chris as he endeavors to stay one step ahead of the coppers, shady friends from the time when he was known by his real name—Chris Patterson—and Stroller, a psychopath from whom Chris and his boyhood chums stole a bag of stolen cash, and who, now that he’s been let out of the looney bin by the bureaucracy, wants it back.

It’s difficult to pin this book into a definite genre. It’s a mystery, almost a cozy, and it’s a humorous laugh riot at the same time. Trewin does a yeoman’s job of creating memorable characters, the kind you love and hate at the same time, and a few you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley. His protagonist is flawed, but in an imminently human way. The flaws in his character are clearly but very subtly explained, leaving the reader with the impression that he really is one of the good guys—just that he had to overcome deficiencies in his environment to reach that point.

Careful readers will see the double meaning in the title: the hero must overcome the obstacles in his path, physical and psychological, and only the lapse of time can achieve this.

The story leaves the reader with a sense of satisfaction at the end that things have worked out for the best. 4 stars.


2 thoughts on “Review: Time Lapse

  1. I like the sound of the synopsis – the perfect setting for a thriller.

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