Review: The Monster’s Growl


3 stars

Read on September 23, 2015

Synopsis: The stakes of the game in the small-town bar are higher than Carly and her friends realize when a mysterious biker puts his quarter on their pool table.

This 1100-word paranormal tale is a free ‘short-short’ story from the “Monsters in the Machines” collection by Roh Morgon. An excerpt from her novel “Watcher: Book I of The Chosen” is included.

Bookish Things: 5 pages. The cover is very apt and rather nice.

Where to buy: Free on Smashwords or from Amazon on kindle for $0.74.

My Review: 

This little tale is set in a little backwater town, possibly somewhere in the American wilderness.

The story progresses quickly, extremely so, but it works for the type of story this is.

The twist ending wasn’t as surprising as some of the other reviewers may lead you to believe, possibly with the recent influx of TV shows depicting beautiful monsters…

I enjoyed this, but would love to know what happens where the story cuts off. Tease!

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