Review: The Sorcerer’s Dragon


2 stars

Read on September 23, 2015

Synopsis: A battle between a sorcerer and a dragon.

Bookish Things: 3 pages. The cover is not really relevant to the story and looks like it was made by the author.

Where to buy: Amazon on kindle for $0.93

My Review: 

The Sorcerer’s Dragon is a short snippet of a story. One scene really.

You don’t know any information about who the sorcerer is or the dragon, or why they are battling. It leaves it open for the reader to fill in, but that in and of itself is problematic. It invites the reader to fill in gaps with information that may not fit with the story. It doesn’t give the reader enough to go on to develop informed content, that sits plausibly within the story. There’s just not enough to go on.

Readers are not given much location information, time, background information or even names of the characters. I decided that the dragon’s name was Fluffy and the sorcerer’s name was Bill. It made for a little bit of amusement while reading…

The writing is passable, but it contains a lot of easily fixable issues that fall into the basics of good writing – including lots of adverbs and reuse of the same words very close to each other in the writing.

Ultimately, this reads like a first draft and really needs some editing before publishing a copy should be even thought about. Good thing it was free on Amazon. I’d recommend it for those who want to have editing practice.

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