Review: Nephilim Prophecy


2 stars

Read from August 13 to 16, 2015

Synopsis: For twenty years the Covenant between Serenity and Chaos has stopped the war between Heaven and Hell, but left mankind vulnerable to the Demonic.

And warriors like Indigo Black, a Palet, a man cursed with the ability to kill and see the Demonic, have been forbidden from seeking out the evil walking among men and destroying it.

The one time Indigo dare challenge the Covenant to save an a human life, the Church punished him by breaking the wings of his Guardian Angel and lover, Ariel, and cast him out of heaven. Living with the burden of his guilt has cost Indigo everything.

Then the death of a mentor begins to unravel a deadly secret. The Demonic have some how created a Nephilim who has a human soul and is capable of being possessed by the most powerful members of the Demonic Parliament. A vessel who would allow the Demonic to walk the mortal plain.

With the Covenant broken, Indigo must win the battle go protect an innocent who holds the fate of mankind, and win an all out war to save his heart.

Bookish Things: 299 pages. The cover is nice, relevant to the story. This is the first book in The God Code Series.

Where to buy: Amazon on kindle for $2.99

My Review: 

I never thought I’d say that a fantasy/erotic read would have too much sex, but this one does.

The sex scenes were all quite similar and really just ended up making me feel like putting the book down. I almost, almost started to skim the sex scenes.

Indigo Black (yeah I also wasn’t a fan of his name) is a broken and angry man. Shackled by the church, he writhes about in the human realm and pretty much pisses everyone around him off. Happily, he’s not the stock standard 25yrs old. He’s in his 40s, which was a pleasant change for most fantasy reads.

The Nephilim that is alluded to in the synopsis was an interesting character. I enjoyed reading about the preparation that the Demonic took part in to ensure a successful possession. That aspect of the demonic story was quite interesting and different.

The Palet felt a bit like a club, rather than an official organization that is meant to protect humankind.


I did enjoy Adrienne’s descriptions of the Angelic, they were quite beautiful, in a too beautiful for reality sort of way.

Overall, and Adrienne does acknowledge this in his profile on Goodreads, the book was dark. A little too dark, and all doom and gloom for me to enjoy.


The book needs another serious edit. There were just too many issues for me to capture as I was reading, but the ones I did notice are below:

7% – …and seeing at (delete at) it never got easier.
8% – Humand (Humans) saw what they…
19% – …they were a leaf (in) the wind,
20-58% some incorrect/weird punctuation. Spaces where they shouldn’t be. A couple of missing or additional words.
64% – …and taken (him) into your fold.
67% – …was to(o) firm in his beliefs.
– But (it) was still suicide…
– …it was (as) if the entire world…
68% – …and a battled (delete d) between…
72% – …Ariel would simple (delete e, add y) cease to…
72%-100% – More of the same. I didn’t have my phone with me to capture the ones I saw.

**Note: I was provided an electronic copy of this book in return for an honest review.**

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