Review: Getting Dirty



Read on June 29, 2015 — I own a copy

Synopsis: Three. This is my number. It’s the exact sum of reasons I continue to go on.

One: To strengthen my body. Make it strong. Make it a machine. Make it so that what happened before can never, ever, happen again.

Two: To help others find their own strength so that what happened to me, what happened to my Olivia, doesn’t happen to them.

And three: My favorite—to find the bastards that took my life away and make them pay for what they did.

This is what my life is now. A dead man, inside a scarred body, living only for revenge.

*This is part one in a five-part novella series.

**Due to sexual situations and violence, this series is recommended for 18+.

Bookish Things: The cover is suitably gritty and the same style is used for the rest of the 5 part series. This book contains graphic scenes of an adult nature. It contains rape, abuse and all sorts of sexual content.

Where to buy: This book is free on Amazon.

My Review: 

Bookshelves: amazon-freebie, gr-recommended, 4-star-review, indie-author, not-for-the-feint-hearted

When some people on Goodreads say a book is dark and chilling, graphic or offensive, I usually take that warning with a pinch of salt.

This is one of those books that all readers should heed that warning.

This book contains graphic scenes of an adult nature. It contains rape, abuse and all sorts of sexual content.

But… it also looks at a real issue in our society. What happens when you get put through one of the most horrific ordeals a person can be put through? What happens when your body heals, but your mind does not?

This gripping introduction to a five part series (of which I’ve purchased already!) will grab you by the throat and, if you can swallow the gut-wrenching story, you’ll be hooked.

I want to know what happens between Link and Rocky, how they work together (or won’t), if either will heal? Or if they’ll spiral out of control together.

Their reactions felt very realistic to me. I can imagine the anger, the pain, the torment. How certain people would cope with it, how others wouldn’t. It drew me in, in just 59 pages, and has enticed me to read the rest before I continue with any other reading.

This is what a book should do. Blindside you into finishing the tale, before all else!

Why not 5 stars then?

It came down to me wanting more from this, it piqued my interest (obviously), but it felt a little like it was trying too hard. Trying too hard to be different, unique and out there.

The writing was great, short, sharp and engaging.

The first novella is free on Amazon. Try it today!


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