AWW 2015 round up post



AWW 2015 in review

So, this is my annual AWW round up post(2014’s is here) where I show you all the books that I read for the Australian Women Writer’s Challenge for 2015.

I pledged to read at the Franklin level (10 reads), and I surpassed that, with a total of 13 books read.

Here they are in the order that I wrote them.

  1. Aurealis Issue #76 – Meryl Stenhouse and Melanie Rees. My Review
  2. Captive Prince: Volume One – C. S. Pacat. My Review
  3. Aurealis Issue #77 – Rebecca-Anne C. Do Rozario. My Review
  4. Koven – Vanessa Skye. My Review
  5. Sacred Striptease – Tahlia Newland. My Review
  6. The Lost Swimmer – Ann Turner. My Review
  7. The Bellamy Bird – Clare Havens. My Review
  8. Poisoned Waters – Ermisenda Alvarez. My Review
  9. Finding Home – Lauren K. McKellar. My Review
  10. The Secret Years – Barbara Hannay. My Review
  11. Love, Desire and Betrayal – Margaret Lynette Sharp. My Review
  12. Capturing the Pirate’s Heart – Annie Seaton. My Review
  13. Captive Prince: Volume Two – C. S. Pacat. My Review

My absolute favourite this year was the last one I read: Captive Prince: Volume Two – C. S. Pacat

I’m planning to sign up for AWW 2016 in the next few days so keep an eye out for my pledge post.

If you want to join in the fun, you can too by checking out the Australian Women Writers site (

2 thoughts on “AWW 2015 round up post

  1. I look forward to seeing your posts in 2016! This will be my first year doing AWW, and I’m looking forward to it. The Captive Prince series is already on my To Read list.

    • Have fun Emily 🙂 I’ve been doing it for a couple of years. It’s an awesome way for the reading community to support our Aussie Women Writers.

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