Review: Capturing the Pirate’s Heart


2 stars

Read from October 22 to 25, 2015

Synopsis: When Madeleine Bellerose sets out from her English manor on her quest to recover a priceless family heirloom in New Orleans, the last thing she expects is to be held captive by the infamous pirate, Sebastien Le Clerc.
Will Sebastien mend his wicked ways and help Madeleine in her quest?

Can love overcome the lack of trust and the web of lies that is spun in the race to find the emerald necklace?

Bookish Things: 200 pages of ocean-misted, pirate-filled adventures. The cover looks a little ‘home-made’ and could do with a bit of a spruce, but it is quite fitting for the story.

Where to buy: Amazon on kindle for $2.85 or paperback for $12.99.

My Review: 

Capturing the Pirate’s heart is, in essence, like every single other romance novel. Especially the bodice rippers and Mills & Boon stories.

Madeleine is a virginal, innocent who ends up involved with the purloiner of the high seas, Sebastien.

The book does little to break out of the normal romance tropes. Even less to subvert the pirate/sea-faring romance cliches.

Seb (I’m calling him this because I don’t like how his name is spelt). Is a hulking, stallion of a man. He’s masculine and glorious and all things to light a virginal young girl’s nether region on fire.

Madeleine was all the usual things a young heroine is in these types of stories. Someone who is naive and new to the bigger world, one who experiences new things with the lead male.

The good things about this book include:
1. Jake: I liked this plucky young fellow and his fierce loyalty. A nice and realistic addition to the story.
2. That Madeleine wasn’t completely useless. Despite her naivety, she was bright enough to know somethings and she actually had some skills, despite her spoilt up bringing.
3. Some of the descriptions were truly awesome. I really liked the descriptions of Seb’s cabin and the Maiden.

Things I didn’t like:
1. The cliche use and repetition of things in the text.
2. The ending.
3. The ending.
4. The bad guy.
5. The ending.

Not Annie’s best.

A few things I noticed:

5% – alright already! I get that he only has to do one more trip, let’s move along now.
11% – slave trade is underlined and looks a lighter shade.
14% – don’t need to be retold about uncle’s seasickness…
21% – lent her feet wings – cliche

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