Review: In the Mirror by Robin Lythgoe


3 stars

Read on June 16, 2015

Synopsis: A disillusioned author haunted by the disappearance of his father inherits a mirror and discovers that his own story can have an alternate ending.

“With the help of Lythgoe’s spot on descriptions – not to mention the beautiful cover art – I could practically feel the mirror under my fingers. I own an old mechanical typewriter that I used to write many a poem on when I was younger. It belonged to my father and the clack and clatter of it when he used to write was a well-loved sound to me. Lythgoe’s story brings to mind many memories of my youth and childhood and how the simple things were very special. In the Mirror is well crafted, full of deep emotion, wonder, loss, hope and most of all, magic.”

–Kristie Kiessling, Reviewer

Bookish Things: 10 pages. The cover is extremely relevant to the story, but perhaps a little drab. I think it’s because it’s all sort of a brown colour.

Where to buy: Amazon on kindle for $0.79

My Review:

Bookshelves: amazon-freebie, winter-2015, indie-author, 3-star-review, fantasy, too-short, ya

10 pages. This short story is only 10 pages long.

This is probably the worst thing about the whole story. It provides the reader a tiny morsel of what could be an epic fantasy novel. One that could very easily be a story of immensely exciting adventure and intrigue for all readers.

The language used was simple, yet fitting of the story. And, while we don’t get much in the way of characterisation, the story still captured my imagination and thrust it into the realm of the fantastical with ease.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story about writers and muses, and all things fantastic. Robin’s writing style was easy to read, quickly painted a lovely picture and could easily transport a reader into her world.

Suitable for all ages.


2 thoughts on “Review: In the Mirror by Robin Lythgoe

  1. I love the theme of this story. You’re right, it would make an intriguing full length novel.

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