Review: Revolution Earth by Lambert Nagle


3 stars

Read from June 04 to 15, 2015 — I own a copy

Synopsis: A sunny London lunchtime is punctuated by a casual act of violence that will ricochet across four continents.

Stephen Connor, trainee Metropolitan Police detective is first on the scene when a cyclist is killed in a seemingly ordinary hit-and-run.

Just another tragedy on a London street?

Nothing seems to trouble the driver, Big Oil PR guru Greg Palmer – who treats the incident as a minor inconvenience. Palmer is confronted by the dead girl’s soulmate, Cara who howls at the injustice of a system that allows an unrepentent killer to walk free.

When Cara flees halfway across the world to confront him, Stephen is one step behind.

Can Stephen protect Cara from a group of charismatic eco-terrorists, who try to lure her in?

Palmer thrives on burying bad news and there is no dirtier business than an oil company trying to hide a major environmental disaster.

As a publicity stunt at a major oil refinery goes wrong, who will be there when Cara finds out that the target she cared so passionately about had simply moved?

Against a backdrop of London, New Zealand, Antarctica and Australia, the race begins…

Bookish Things: 268 pages. The cover is average. It doesn’t say much to me. While it sort of works with the story, I think something a little more targetted would be better. Note: The other cover for the book is much better. Check out the Amazon link in the Where to buy section below.

Where to buy: Amazon on kindle for $3.06 or paperback for $13.99.

My Review:

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When I read the synopsis of this book I was excited. It sounded thrilling and exciting. The concept of eco-terrorism is one I’ve not read a great deal about and I was intrigued.

Sadly, this is where my excitement left. It wasn’t because the story is bad – it’s not – it’s just that there was so many character arcs and sub-plots and changing POVs and new locations that my brain just couldn’t keep up. The style and pace would be far better suited to a visual product, and that might be partially because the authors have backgrounds in film and TV production. The frantic pace, changing scenes and POVs are far better suited to a TV serial or a film because the visual cues can help the watcher pick up the meaning without needing paragraphs of backup text to convey the same thing.

The characters (except for Stephen) are brilliant. I felt for Cara, I enjoyed the emotional unheaval, the mental warring and the physical changes to each of the varied cast. I even liked Stephen, but he was far less defined than any of the other characters. I think my favourite was Tariq, even though initially I wasn’t sure why. I really liked how he changed in the story. It was a nice touch.

The reasons why this has only got three starts from me are:
1. There are some minor editing issues (the details are at the bottom of my review).

2. The pacing is off – the reader gets way too much information and not enough time to digest it. It’s a constant struggle to keep up, which keeps the reader out of the story and essentially means that the reader gets less character emersion, less emotional attachment and far less of a grasp on the complex plot.

3. Stephen’s lack of complexity and roundedness. Compared to Tariq and Cara, even Paula and Ken, Stephen is a flat cookie-cutter copper character. He deviates from that marginally, but generally speaking I felt no connection to him at all.

These points are, of course, a huge let down for the book because the writing is, in most parts, fantastic, most of the characters are great, complex and realistic, and the plot is a thoroughly exciting one.

It’s a bit sad that too much has been crammed into the story.

Things I noticed:

5% – He was answerable right here and now to to (delete second to)…
…the warden’s face.pulling a handkerchief (insert space after full stop)
8% – …they want us (to) concentrate on their mud…
13% – ‘Like I said it”s my day off…
…indifference didn”t…
I”ve got a cousin…
(replace ” with ‘)

60% – changes from Cara to Ken to Janine POV in one para.
62% – ‘ I’m (remove space before I’m) giving you a lift…
Throughout the book, but more so in the latter half, the scene changes need more substance. Is this the ‘tabbing’ issue the previous Awesome Indies reviewer flagged? (71%, 79%)
85% – Perhaps he was (delete was) just wanted to pull…
93% – …one sludge tank voiding’Mitch said. (Add space after speech)

**Note: I was provided an electronic copy of this book in return for an honest review**



8 thoughts on “Review: Revolution Earth by Lambert Nagle

  1. The cover really doesn’t say much. I’m going to go over to Amazon and check out the other one 😉

  2. The cover makes it look like a travel guide!

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