Review: Shameless Exposure by Robert Fanshaw



Read from May 27 to 31, 2015 — I own a copy, read count: 1

Synopsis: The second book in the entertaining ‘Shameless’ series by Robert Fanshaw:

Robert isn’t pleased when his wife Caroline agrees to model for a charity painting, especially when he finds out that the world famous artist is an ‘old flame’. Then Robert is dispatched to Scotland to take the case of a strangely familiar woman who has founded her own cult religion. The female acolytes drag first Robert and then Caroline into their pagan ceremonies and their marriage is tested to the limits.

Bookish Things: 194 pages. The cover remains in-line with the first book. This is book #2 in the Shameless Trilogy. My review of book #1 is here.

Where to buy: Directly from SteameReads for $3.99

My Review:

Bookshelves: steamereads, 4-star-review, erotic, f-f, hot-ladies, hot-men, indie-author, m-m, sexy, romance-ish

Recommended for: Erotica fans, people who can have a bit of fun with their sexy reading.

Book #2 in the Shameless series by Robert Fanshaw, sees Caroline and Robert getting deeply involved with a number of sexy, naughty and tantalising situations. Together and separately, they manage to make their way through these situations until the climax (pun totally intended) of the story.I absolutely loved the humour of this book. It had me laughing out loud at numerous occasions (especially Caroline’s antics with the soccer match).

I loved the interactions between the men and women, and women and women, and men and men in this book. So many combinations of lovers, it was a true mixed delight. The sinfully sexy naughty scenes were quick and light, but also deviously described enough to draw the reader into them.

Why then, does this not have 5 out of 5? Well it comes down to the slightly unrealistic situations. I found them a little hard to grasp, hard to believe they’d occur, and even harder to think that people would blindly enter into them. This didn’t take too much away from the story, as you can see with my rating, but it was enough to make me drop a star.

If you’re interested in a wicked little tale of sexual tension, sexual exploration and sexual embarrassment, try Robert’s Shameless Series today! Shameless Ambition was a delicious mix of sexy scenarios. Shameless Exposure is a wicked tale of sexual exploration and deceit all wrapped up in one of the most bizarre scenes I think I’ve ever read about, group masturbation really is something I’d never thought about before. (You’ll certainly learn something new with this book!). And I intend to devour Shameless Corruption in the very near future to see how Robert brings this story to a close.

I noticed a couple of things:

29% – …stream of new hot water to (replace to with so) that it circulated…
89% – …I’ve been removed from then (delete the n) case.


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