Review: Jagannath by Kerry Alan Denney


3 stars

Read from May 09 to 16, 2015 — I own a copy

Synopsis: The monster from your nightmares is here. It’s destroying civilization. Soon the human race will be extinct.

The year is 2037, and Corporal Kimi Jayden has one chance to rescue the lone refugee girl who is miraculously immune to Reaper absorption. Twelve-year-old Lily walks the deserted streets of Savannah alone, ever since the Reaper absorbed her family—and tried and failed to absorb her—a year ago. An amorphous creature that has nearly wiped out civilization, growing as it feeds, the Reaper assimilates its prey’s intelligence when it consumes flesh and blood. Growing smarter with each human it absorbs, the Reaper transforms into monsters created from our darkest nightmares—and it loves tormenting its victims.

Kimi and her fellow survivors in the North Georgia Renegade Enclave believe Lily’s DNA holds the key to mankind’s survival. But the Reaper covets and abducts Lily, and Kimi must battle a ghastly horde of Reaper incarnations to preserve humanity’s last hope against extinction.

JAGANNATH reveals the resilience and determination of the human spirit in an action-filled tale of terror, selfless courage, and ultimate triumph and redemption.

Bookish Things: 340 pages. The cover is intriguing and fits with the story.

Where to buy: Amazon on kindle for $5.95 or paperback for $16.95

My Review:

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After trying to slog through Fantastes, and only succeeding to get to 30% because of the heaviness of the old language, switching to Jagannath was a fantastic relief. Especially when I realised that the writing style was light and playful, with loads of action that was to the point and active.

I liked the characters, Kimi and Lily, and I especially liked the importance of the canine friends too. The male cast was lacking in substance as far as I was concerned. There were plenty of them, but they played far smaller roles in the story and this became a problem when it came to characters to kill off.

The plot was engaging and while the characters dragged themselves from crisis to crisis, I found myself cheering them on. The down side to all this turmoil was that there wasn’t really enough down time to get to know the characters all that well. When partners and loved ones died, I wasn’t really sad because of this. It lacked the emotional connection with the reader.

If fast-paced sci-fi is your thing, then certainly try this one on for size. The tone and light conversation made it easy to read. The age of Lily (one of the main characters) really dictated the tone and voice of the piece, with some sex scenes lightly brushed over, not graphic or detailed.

Some readers have marked this as horror, but in the grand scheme of things, I found it neither horrifying nor thrilling. Perhaps this is due to the adult horror books I’ve read. I wouldn’t consider this horror, though there was some slightly graphic descriptions of death scenes. I didn’t find it overly graphic, nor too far past what is depicted in computer games these days. I believe this means it’d be suitable for most teen readers.

I didn’t find any typos or errors, which is a big plus, but ultimately I felt the lack of emotional connection with the characters let this book down. It was enjoyable and engaging, but didn’t allow enough reader connection.

**Note: I was provided with an electronic copy of this book in return for an honest review**


3 thoughts on “Review: Jagannath by Kerry Alan Denney

  1. This actually looks kind of interesting.

    • It was an enjoyable read. A little heavier on the blood and guts than a run-of-the-mill sci-fi, but still worth a read.

    • Hi Ava… check it out! Today and tomorrow ONLY the ebook is 99 cents on a BookBub promo sale, so get your copy now before the price goes back up to $5.99. New York Times bestselling author James Rollins gave a rave blurb for JAGANNATH (in the “Editorial Reviews” section on the Amazon product sales page), and many readers are raving about it. Thanks and happy reading and writing! 🙂

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