Review: I Am Forgotten by J. A. St. Thomas


2 stars

Read from February 22 to 28, 2015 — I own a copy

Synopsis: A violent pandemic divides what remains of the world into victims, villains and heroes. Sixteen-year-old Jackson Riley is about to find out that sometimes, under the worst of circumstances, a person can be all three. Quiet and shy, Jackson has few enemies but even fewer friends. Family means everything to him, but when faced with death at the hands of his virus-crazed parents, he is forced to make an unspeakable choice. In the aftermath, he struggles to crawl out from beneath the crushing weight of guilt and responsibility in a world devastated by a pathogen designed to kill every adult. Alone but for his younger sister, he is easy prey for an enigmatic cult of superhuman beings hell-bent on exploiting him for their own nefarious intentions. Betrayed and teetering on the brink of defeat, he jumps at a chance to rewrite history and save the world, despite the consequences.

Bookish Things: 204 pages. I really like the cover. It catches the eye and if you look closer you see these details that aren’t obvious from far away.

Where to buy: Smashwords for $2.99 or Amazon on kindle for $3.13 or paperback for $9.89

My Review: 
Bookshelves: indie-author, feb-read-challenge, zombiesdystopian, fantasy, post-apocalyptic, romance-ish, sci-fi, ya, 2-star-review, self-destruct

I am Forgotten started off really well.

If you’re after a book that will sucker-punch you in the guts, kick you in the butt, or smack you across the face with ‘wake up and deal with this shizz’ it’ll be this book.


The really creepy, I wanna eat you, I’m gonna devour your soul type zombies. It was epic and creepy and a little bit soul-crushing in the first 30%.

Then, things went off the rails.


I didn’t really like Jackson. He was meant to be a 16 year old boy, looking after his eight year old sister. At times his ‘voice’ sounded perfect for a 16yr old, at others it was so immature I thought I’d roll my eyes out of my head, and then occasionally his ‘voice’ was that of someone far older than 16. All up, I don’t think he felt like a properly created character. His maturity level was shifted depending on the scene and made for annoying reading.

After about 50%, I wanted to stop reading. Things got crazy. They got so ‘out there’ that I wondered if I’d accidentally started reading another book on my kindle without meaning to. The level of ‘crazy’ that occurred was as polar opposite to what I’d expected from this book.

PLEASE PLEASE do not start a zombie story that has a great start to only screw it up with all that fantasy crap at the end.

I am a fantasy fan, I really am, but I don’t think this was well done. The amount of supernatural beings that were added to this story made it clunky and slow to read. It felt too much, too hard to follow and just plain annoying.

The writing was good for the most part, only a couple of minor typos. A couple of things I noticed:

78% – …bound at the waste (waist) and shoulders…
81% – …and his tails (delete s) wags…


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