Review: Uprush by Jo Barney



Read on January 01, 2015 — I own a copy

Synopsis: UPRUSH is a story, four stories actually, of four women who come together at a beach house to gossip, laugh and drink wine, only to discover that one of them is determined to kill herself. Madge, a writer, has reasons to do so and to ask for their help, and her friends, of course, have reasons to agree – or not. Madge’s gift to them is four fictionalized stories of their lives, lives she has followed since they all graduated forty-some years before from a small college on the west coast. Her stories are not finished yet, just as the women are not yet finished. Their stories will not end, but will take new directions by the time the weekend is over.

This novel celebrates the friendships that endure and nourish even after many years and many miles. This book is designated as a contemporary women’s novel.

Bookish Things: 302 pages. The cover is lovely and ties in nicely with the story.

Where to buy: Amazon on kindle for $3.03 or paperback for $10.83

My Review:

Bookshelves: blog-review-req, bostick, indie-author, indie-review-copies, summer-challenge, 4-star-review, smirk-worthy, editing-required, made-me-cry

Uprush, a collection of unlikely protagonists. A group of four ageing women as they meander through life and their families and jobs.

I really liked how the book was divided in chapters for each of the women and Lucius (the police detective). Each of their histories and emotions was explored.

I liked how each woman was different, real, flawed and yet an irreplaceable piece of an amazing group of friends.

I wondered at Lucius’ logic behind the ending. As a cop, I didn’t understand why it happened as it did. It’s a bit of a shame really, I was thoroughly engrossed in the story and totally believed it until that point.

This book made me cry, just a little. It wasn’t the heart-wrenching sadness that I’ve experienced only a handful of times with books, but I was still close enough to these women to shed a few tears for them.

These women reminded me of the characters in the movie ‘Calendar girls’ the same sort of sisterhood, friendship feel.

A story to make you stop, take a deep breath, and slowly wind your way into it. Uprush will make you think about what it means to be friends, what you would or wouldn’t share with your friends and just how far you would be willing to go for them.

It’s in need of an edit, here’s a few things I noticed:

6% – …Jackie has ever noticed., (delete fullstop) not like…
…pour themselves cups (of) coffee…
13% – blond (blonde? Since we’re referring to a female?)
22% – … Is about to go out nowwalking (space needed)
39% – A hundred of (delete of) miles of heat…
46% – …I’ve valued hour (your or our) secrets…
56% – …drank wine with us Afterwards (no cap needed)
61% – …no need for her (to) go into the rest…
63% – …as if I had hitthe (space) delete key…
68% – …soon we sit down (in) front of…
71% – soft handsyt (??)
“It (delete it, add is) that what you’re doing…
99% – It’ll (be) a short sweet speech…

**Note: I was provided an electronic copy of this book in return for an honest review**


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