Review: Aurealis #76



Read on March 21, 2015 — I own a copy

Synopsis: This issue features stories by Meryl Stenhouse and Melanie Rees as well as our monthly review of new titles and yet another instalment of ‘Sacred Cows’ by Stephen Higgins.

Bookish Things: Fantastic cover art again this issue, though I have no idea what that thing is meant to be!

Where to buy: Direct from Aurealis or Smashwords for $2.99

My Review: 
Bookshelves: aussie-authors, 4-star-review, aww2015fantasy, indie-author

Aurealis #76 was the last edition from 2014. It showcases the works of two Australian female authors, both of which were enjoyable, but for two completely different reasons.

Meryl Stenhouse’s No Home For Us is a great showcase for some strong female characters. Swashbuckling and sailing the seas, these lasses do pirating business with men and foes far greater. An awesome welcome to the edition, Meryl’s story was a strong opener. I certainly would enjoy reading more in this world.

Melanie Rees‘s shorter tale The Long Shadow was very, very Australian. Thrusting the reader into a remote farming community, the reader is taken along on a ride presented to them through the eyes of Jam, a young boy who watches shadows. A story with a far deeper message than what might initially come through, this story was also thoroughly enjoyable.

The art in this edition was quite nice, though I’m not too sure what the thing on the cover is meant to be. I like how each short story has art done for it by an independent artist. It allows the authors to see just what their words create in the minds of another.

Another good example of some local Aussie talent.

2 thoughts on “Review: Aurealis #76

  1. Maybe it’s a Clava. 😉

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