The power of books

So here’s my first published creative non-fiction piece. A shout out to my favorite UK author too. Woohoo!!


Words by Katt Pemble

Why do we write? Why do we read? And, is the answer to these questions the same?


Creative, by definition, is characterised by originality of thought. Why then, do we as writers, put pieces of ourselves into our work? Are we saying that our thoughts and ideas are original and worthy of consumption by the reading population?

The answer appears to have as many facets as the original question.

Tony Talbot is an independently published author of 23 pieces of fiction, ranging from delicious short stories, to novels in the Young Adult genre. His works have been steadily gaining popularity on the reading social networking site, Goodreads, since he joined in 2011.

His first novel, Over the Mountain, explores suicide, depression and the death of loved ones. The book follows Jenna, a teenage girl, and how she and her sleepy English town react to…

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2 thoughts on “The power of books

  1. Thanks for the shout out!

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